Off to the Beach! (July 2018 Orientation Bash)

Another Semester, Another Orientation Bash!

The OB (or more commonly known as the Orientation Bash for newbies), is a Monash Malaysia biannual tradition where new students are introduced to their peers and future lab partners. The second offering of the OB in 2018 was held in Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson and was also the maiden OB organised there.

It was 28th of July in the year of 2018.

It was 7.00 a.m.

It was too early to be awake.

Nick - OB - wm-32
Me during 8:00AM lectures…

Yet, many new and old faces alike arrived at the Monash recreational field to register themselves for a thrilling day ahead!

They were separated into groups early on and from there, many unexpected friendships and awkward handshakes were made. When breakfast was unveiled, students paused their respective introductory small-talk to consume some much-needed food. After breakfast and introductory conversations were done, students were briefed on the ground rules once they entered their assigned mechanical stallions (AKA the buses). The long ride prepared the students for the great day ahead as many took this chance to continue to mingle around or get some rest in the bus amidst the cloudy weather that surrounded them.

[Terence] Orientation Bash (July 2018) 37
Calling all attendees of July OB 2018: You can now board the bus
Fret not! For the weather turn for the better as the sun greeted Monashians when they eventually reached at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. Monashians were then given a chance to freshen up and change into the appropriate sports attire. Everyone was then separated to two batches, one batch tasked with a scavenger hunt and the other with various team-building challenges.

For the scavenger hunt groups, the group leaders were handed a list of things that was needed to be found in a space of 50 minutes. They had to find many various objects, living and nonliving alike, like love……. grass, a live crab and corals, amongst other things. Being millennials, they also had to take a few selfies at different set places in the premises of the luscious and nature-oriented Avillion Admiral Cove with their respective groupmates.

Nick - OB - wm-70
Looking for that “golden nugget”

As for the other batches, they participated in a few innovative team-building courses which tested their reflexes and agility individuals and groups. The general objective is to complete the courses in the fastest time possible as a group. The “Kiasu” (afraid to lose) mindset came to full effect as groups tried to finish as fast as possible by working together, willingly or unwillingly, to become winners. Some even strategized their every move in the activities to achieve the utmost chance of winning the entire thing. Some activities were tougher than the other, but the boot-camp like activities served its purpose as many friendships were sailing strongly after those activities. (Pun intended.)

After both batches switched sides and completed it, lunch was then served in the form of a fancy hotel buffet as Monashians packed the eatery within seconds. Plates clanked, and cups filled as Monashians ate their hearts out while mingling with their new friends. The leaders then announced that participants were free to do whatever they wanted, providing them the flexibility to approach the calming waves of the Port Dickson beach has to offer, or to chill with their friends. Some people took a dip in the hotel’s weirdly shaped pool while the sports-oriented played frisbee and football along the shores of the beach. Rest assured, many pictures were taken at the beach as the white-hot sand hugged the feet of Monashians.

[Terence] Orientation Bash (July 2018) 168
Fanciest OB meals to date 💙 
Showers were being taken when the clock striked 5.30 p.m. as the water cooled everybody’s sun-kissed skin. Monashians were packing up and changing into their regular attire as dinner time arrived.

After a filling dinner, winners of the day were announced. Each member from the winning team, Group 6 received a hamper for their efforts. The other groups were victors as well, because they made many new buddies and memories to bring home. After the prize giving  ceremony, everyone made their way back to the campus. Although the day was tiring, the participants left with many memories that they will cherish when they finish their studies in Monash University, which made this OB a tad more special.

Want to have a better picture as to what went down at Port Dickson? More photos of July 2018 Orientation Bash here!


Article by Matthew Chin

Photos by Nicholas Khoo and Terence Kong


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