“SOS”! It’s a “SASS”y Sports Night!

As we go about our average day on campus, most of us tend to fall in a routine and rarely get a chance to venture out. It’s hard to see friends from different faculties as classes are predominantly concentrated to specific buildings or floors. So both the School of Science and the School of Arts and Social Sciences collaborated to host a Sports Night on 21st August 2018.

Everybody gathered at the Monash Field in front of the Monash Sports Complex at 6:30pm. There was roughly 16 people from each school there who came to participate in this event’s activities. All of them competed against each other in a rousing game of dodgeball and captain ball. Refreshments were also kindly provided to the players by the organizing committee of this event.

To our beloved School of IT rep, who were you rooting for? 😉 

Leanne Lee, School of Arts and Social Sciences Representative said, ‘The purpose of this event is basically a collaboration between the School of Arts and the School of Science, so we just want to come out of our own departments and get to know students from other faculties. What better way to do it through sports?’


While participants were initially motivated to win prizes, it didn’t seem to be the focus as the games continued. Participants seem to have lost themselves in the fun of the games they were playing. The night was not really about winning but more about familiarizing the students to people from another department.

They make a better love story than Twilight, don’t you think?

There were a lot of gleeful smiles and laughter across the field as the games went on. The truly amazing thing about sports that make it special is its ability to bring people together and tonight was no exception to that. By the end of the night, friendships were formed, memories were made and bonding between the two school happened rather effortlessly which all you could really hope for to accomplish from events like these.
Article by  Sharifah Azlinah

Photos by Ivan Liew and Joseph Ma

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