MuPhaS’ Mingle Night 19’ | 8.03.2019

Note from the Editors: Hello fellow Monashians! We’re glad to be back at university, serving up this year’s editions of MONGA and not so glad because we’re still crying on the inside . But nevertheless, let’s make the most of it because life is short and oh god Jessica why did you leave me…

MUPhaS Mingle Night_Shaun (79 of 81)
“Say Pharmacyyyyy”

A classy affair of carbonara and games, MUPhaS’ Mingle Night ‘19 served as a fun and effective opportunity for first year students/newbies to mix around with their seniors and lecturers.

MUPhaS Mingle Night_Shaun (17 of 81).jpg

The event was part of an ambitious three-event week branded as “Freshie’s Week” which also included a Zumba workout session and a pizza and movie night. This semester, MUPhaS really went all out with fancy photo booths, engaging emcees, and glow in the dark games. There was also a session where seniors shared stories about their experiences.

MUPhaS Mingle Night_Shaun (66 of 81)
Ooo fancy!

All in all, the event was successful. Students new and old alike were able to get comfortable and familiarize themselves with one another. Pharmacy senior, Bi Hao, gave special thanks to the organizing committee for “trying their best to help the newcomers get used to the Monash environment”, noting that as a former first year student he found it lonely at times. The worst thing some students could say about the event was that the venue was too cold!

Article by Samwise Mui

Photos by Shaun Stanley

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