C&S Week (Semester 1, 2019)

NAD-CNS 5.jpg
The foyer looking busy.

Week 2 was “Clubs and Societies (CNS) Week”, whereby club booths were set up by students of their respective clubs with the intention of signing up new recruits. Such booths were mainly found at the foyer as well as the walkway leading towards the old cafeteria (behind the library).

NAD-CNS 33.jpg
“Join my club, please.”


The environment and vibe of CNS week definitely helped with the typical Monday Blues.

Life was happening all around campus as students scrambled to secure a slot within their desired clubs and societies.

Joseph C_S-5067.jpg
Taekwondo 101: How to shoulder roll.


When it’s CNS week, you can definitely expect performances.

The performances that garnered huge attention amongst the student body were from Cheerleading, Music and Monash Street Dance (check out their cover of EXO’s Love Shot!).

Ying Ze- C&S week-9.jpg
MSDS channelling oppa vibes.


Some clubs emphasized on the decorations of their booths.

One fine example was the Christian Fellowship club. Their decorations were so legit that I felt I was at a café instead of a booth when my friend and I were enquiring.

Look at those fairy lights!


Most of the students generally enjoyed CNS week and its performances, giving it a huge thumbs up.

Monash Cheerleading!

“I think CNS week is a good opportunity not just to promote your clubs but showcase your talent. The performances really send off a strong statement about us Monash-ians, that we aren’t just bookworms but are talented in our own ways.” – Ashley, a sophomore commented.

However, a few felt mildly disturbed by the volume overspill from the performances due to its location right in-front of the library.

A student who wanted to remain anonymous commented:

“No fault on the students, but I could hear the speakers from the quiet zone (Library level 2) for a continuous 20 minutes. I understand the need of performances but maybe the organizers could alter the schedule and not have the performances scheduled so heavily back to back, since it’s all happening right in-front of the library.”

In case you were trapped under a rock and missed out on CNS week, you can still join the clubs you’re interested in.

Contact the respective club heads and committee or head on over to their social media pages to find out more!


Article by: Charles Lee

Photos by: Derrick Ser, Joseph Ma, Nadiah Azra, Izyan Iman, Soon Ying Ze.


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