Bash of Monash |15.03.2019

Where there is good music, there is a good time. MUSA Activities set the theme “Bands of Malaysia” for the month.

RYAN WEE 20190315 Bash of Monash 17.jpg
Before things got HOT.

Bash of Monash aims to promote local culture through music and artworks to Monashians. It is held monthly with different themes showcasing the works of Malaysian artists.

“Most importantly, we just want people to chill and have a good night,” says Jim Koay, the Activities Chairperson. Together with his partner Matthew Tegjeu, the event took them four weeks to organize.

RYAN WEE 20190315 Bash of Monash 04.jpg

Perhaps it was the alluring disco lights or the aroma of free dominos pizza, the lounge was already filled with students by late evening. The opening show was brought by NULL, a band from the Monash Music Club. The following line-ups were local bands LXCID, SHUUNA and The Peachskins. Homeboy rapper and emcee for the night Asyraf Nasir also hit us with some impromptu rap verses.

Emcee for the night, Asyraf Nasir!

From breathtaking originals to nostalgic throwbacks, the bands moved the crowds to sing and dance along. If only alcohol was permitted, the lounge would have not seen livelier nights.

MONGA spoke to LXCID lead singer Adam Ariff about his expectation of the music industry in Malaysia.

“Young Malaysians are embracing local music more than ever, because indie is the trend now. We are excited to see what the future holds for us,” says Adam.

LXCID smashing their set.

LXCID, named after love and acid, is made up of five “specimens” consisting of a member from Monash University and four others from Sunway University. The two-year-old formation describes themselves as chaotic, experimental and passionate.

They are anticipating to publish their tracks on Soundcloud soon.

Article by: Jordan Tang

Pictures by: Ryan Wee, Ang Yu Hang, Ivan Liew

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