Stress With Prez #1 – 01.04.19

If you’ve spotted our Monash University Student Association president Kajen doing push-ups with a painted face in front of Audi 1 on Monday in Week 5, fret not, he was in the middle of an initiative titled Stress With The Prez whereby students could directly issue their concerns to him.

Here’s the fun part: You get to do something either to or with him while raising up the issues which includes playing catch with a ball, do push-ups, play dodgeball and paint on each other’s faces among the stuff observed by our MONGA team.

As us in MONGA might already have previously set ideas or biases towards the president and want to remain neutral and objective, we decided to get opinions from randomly chosen students who went to ask questions to Kajen.

Hong Chin, a 1st year IT student said he was satisfied with the answer given by Kajen regarding MUSA’s involvement with the university’s facilities such as the cafeteria. “They expect the cafeteria to be done by this month,” said Hong Chin, who wanted to create a symmetrical look by painting a red box on Kajen’s face.

Jovita, a 2nd year Psychology student asked about his response to the dissatisfied comments regarding the new MUSA logo.

“He doesn’t care if the logo looks nice or not, as long as it’s recognizable and gets its message across, that’s the main objective. He thinks it’s a successful move because the rebranding managed to help them get sponsors and funding from external companies,” said Jovita who previously have never interacted with Kajen before but found him to be a friendly person.

Meanwhile, a 2nd year student named Sharifah was interested to know about the rumors of disagreements within MUSA itself. “He said that there are 17 different committees so there is bound to be differences in opinions but everyone’s working well with each other,” said Sharifah, who drew a smiley on Kajen’s forehead.

Overall, we are glad that the initiative was not an April Fools event due to the clashing date and wish him well in performing towards meeting the students’ expectations.



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