MUSA Wom*n’s Officer’s Sadie Hawkins Dance

Sadie Hawkins Dances are a staple of high schools and universities in Caucasian America where the females of our species invite the males for a night of dancing, food, and consensual fun. The objective of such a flip-flop is to encourage women to make the first step and take charge of their relationships.

How beautiful was the location!

Organized by the lovely MUSA Wom*n’s Officers, the event was held at the ever-instagrammable WhupWhup Restaurant/Cafe at SS13 (very near Monash) on the 19th of April aka Good Friday. Participants were treated to a dinner of quiche, pasta, grilled chicken, and, most delectably, bite-sized dark chocolate tarts.

The faces behind the event, our Wom*n’s Officers!

In the spirit of the event, one of the Officers invited her boyfriend out to the event (Sure, he was busy running the sound system but it still counts). Similarly, Prince – a (very handsome) masculine-identifying participant – noted that the event was a great way to get students to open and encourage women to take more initiative, having been asked out to the event by a friend of his.


Students taking on the stage!

Attendees were also entertained by performers from Music Club and Monash Dance Fusion Club (MDFC), the latter of which also led the attendees in a brief but enjoyable (and intimate) dance class.

All in all, it was generally agreed that the event was a success with a good turnout; an impressive feat considering they were up on the same date as MUSA Activities’ Bash of Monash and the anniversary of Jesus’s death.

Writer: Samuel Mui

Photographer: Lee Sze Yue and Marukh Ali Aziz

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