Monash Street Jam Vol. 3

Monash just got hotter on the 20th April as talented dancers set the badminton court on fire with their jaw-dropping moves, which was a great start to the mid-semester break.

Joseph JAM-07184.jpg

Monash Street Jam Vol. 3 was a continuation of the series of the street jam events held by the Monash Street Dance Society. This year’s main highlights were the 2 vs 2 Novice x Mentor battle in which the chosen top 16 novices would each paired up with 16 mentors randomly, in addition to the group showcase segment.

Joseph JAM-07306.jpg

It was evident that everyone there loved what they were doing as they took to the floor to dance to the addicting beats provided by DJ Caven, regardless whether it was their turn to dance or during break sessions. Even the judges Alex PoppinRex, Lingzy, Pitt Den and the emcee Alson looked like they were having a good time throughout the event, with the judges dancing while choosing those who made it to the next round.

Joseph JAM-07026 (1).jpg

The group showcase event showed perfect synchronicity and teamwork among the groups as they wow-ed the audience. WeAreUs bagged the 1st place for the showcase with their all-white ensemble while RDG placed 1st runner-up with their sensual dance moves.

Joseph JAM-07493.jpg

The 2 vs 2 Novice x Mentor battle champion title went to Kenneth and Chin Mun who presented impressive popping moves. Meanwhile, the pair Ker Qian and Aloysius grabbed the 1st runner up position with their amazing chemistry.

Joseph JAM-08537.jpg

“The battle was very fun, I didn’t expect to have such great chemistry with my partner because it was such a random pair-up. Our strategy was just to enjoy the music,” expressed Ker Qian.

“Winning definitely feels great. We just did our best in every round and hoped for the best,” said Kenneth who recently also won 1st runner up for Sunway’s Got Talent event.

The event was definitely a success as a platform was provided where everyone enjoyed themselves and were able to showcase their passion for dance in a supportive community. Kudos to the Monash Street Dance Society committee for organizing this lively event!


Writer: Durrah Sharifah

Photographer: Joseph Ma


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