MUSA Did What: Something Old Something New (MSC #6)


With a blink of an eye, Semester 1 2021 is already over! (And yet, we’re still stuck indoors :/)

Let’s start with the good news first. We’re currently in the midst of our semester break and the Head Writer just can’t stop sighing in relief! (or is it stress? We’ll never know.)

Now for the bad news, Semester 2 2021 is starting in less than two weeks. (Gasp.) Why do good things have to end so quickly?

Anyways, this means preparations for the upcoming semester are underway and you know what that means! Hint: All the good events are usually held in the second half of the year ;) 

Without further ado, let us update you with what’s been going on behind the scenes in MUSA shall we? 

Introduction of Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom Policy

A new policy was introduced by Monash University Australia which is effective against all Monash Branches across the world including us here in Malaysia.

According to this, students are given more opportunities to express themselves and to hear and receive information from the University.

Not only that, students are to not suffer from mistreatment, unfair disadvantage, unlawful discrimination while exercising freedom of speech. However, this policy does not protect any person from feeling offended or shocked or insulted by the lawful speech of another member.

MUSA Career Week

The President’s Department of MUSA will be organizing a Career Week sometime in Mid-September, targeting to invite business organizations that do not have that much interaction and engagement with the Monash student community.

From what we can understand, this means they will be inviting companies other than the typical Big 4 or MBBs, so this should be interesting! The department aims to invite organizations that are related to all the 7 Schools and Special Interests for students to engage with employers.

Monash Merchandise

There’s word on the street that students will be getting their Monash Merchandise sooner rather than later 👀 The Vice Presidents have finalized the designs and are in the midst of settling administrative processes and logistics regarding the upcoming Merchandise website.

If our Head Writer could place bets on when we’ll finally be getting our hands on some sweet new merch (AKA the only proof that our time in Monash isn’t a fever dream), she’d say maybe in the next 2 months. (She’s got her connections ;)) Cross our fingers alright!

Upcoming Activities

Alright! Before we go back into hibernation (and by that, we mean back to preparing our upcoming Magazine 🌝), we’ll drop some upcoming events from several MUSA Departments and Divisions in Semester 2 so you guys can keep an eye out for them!

The first one that we know of would be the ever anticipated Monash Cup! It will be online so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing games ranging from League of Legends to just like last year but we’ll see when they officially announce it.

Not only that, if you’re a certified pro shower singer or if you just can’t stop dancing TikTok choreographies, MUSA Activities plans to host Virtual Monash Talent for all of you big dreamers!

In other news, the Welfare Department plans to host another special social ‘matchmaking’ event to promote social wellness and create new connections. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

It seems like we’ve been quite generous with giving out spoilers on events in Semester 2! Should we continue? (The obvious answer is Yes so let us spill a few more beans before the excitement dies down.) 

If you’re new to the School of Information Technology then we cannot stress how lucky you are! There will be a “Hello Coders” Mentorship Programme held from Orientation Week until Week 6, designed to give freshies an opportunity to have a support system during the upcoming online semester.

For the students in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, you’re in luck too!

There are so many exciting events that we can’t seem to pick which ones to spoil you with but luckily we were able to narrow it down to our 2 favorites! The first one would be Art Therapy! An event for psychology students who are interested in using art as a form of expression. The second one would be Big Brain! It is said to be a competition organised for School of Medicine students with a “Who-wants-to-be-a-Millionaire” concept involving medicine related questions as well as fun and creative questions!

Okay last one, we promise! 

An interesting collaboration between the School of Science and School of Business has us on our tippy toes! What would these 2 different schools do together? Another Hint: A Career Talk revolving around job prospects and other career related tips that are relevant for both SOB and SOS students.

Annnnd that’s all for the events! (Any longer and the Head Writer might have her fingers taped together to stop typing out spoilers.)

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We’ll see you next time in our next MSC News! We promise to spill more tea then ;)

Article by Christie Wong
Header by Angeline Ho

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