MUSA Did What #4: Sem 1 BEGONE!

Very much like Steven Grant in Moon Knight, I feel as if reaching Week 12 has been a definite out of body experience that has left me with more questions than answers (How did I get here?? When did I get here?? Why do I have 25 unread emails from lecturers??)

Fortunately, as the final week of the semester dawns upon us and with it, the sweet promise of semester break, MONGA is here to give you all one more boost of encouragement, that will hopefully propel us out of what I fondly refer to as Hell Week 😩

Sem 2? I only know Monash Cup  

Instead of dwelling on the horror that is the end of the semester, we are pleased to announce that the preparations for the annual Monash Cup are currently underway, with sports houses in the midst of designing and finalising their respective jersey designs. The Activities Sports Officer has also proposed that, in order to attract more spectators to the Monash Cup festivities, to host a night-market like event during the Monash Cup.

The plan includes the stationing of food vendors outside at the field outside of the Monash Sports Centre, with the duration of their stay yet to be confirmed. However, if this does make it through, the Sports Officer department does have plans to recruit a total of 50 volunteers for the event, with an announcement of this year’s competing sports to be uploaded soon! 🥳

Read A Secret, Leave A Secret 

For one of our first inter-departmental collaborations of the year, MONGA teamed up with the Activities department of MUSA in order to bring to you a project called “Read a Secret, Leave a Secret”. A booth was set up from the 10th to 13th of March and students were encouraged  to write down their own secrets anonymously and deposit them in a bowl before reading out another individual’s secret while their reactions were documented. And let me tell you we got some JUICY ones, so look out for the video project which will be revealed soon on MONGA’s Instagram page! 👀✨

PS: shoutout to our Head of Admin, Jingwei for dragging the noticeboard all the way to university, earning her some stares on the LRT 👀


Not to be outdone, the school of information technology and the school of engineering are also planning an event simply known as a Week 12 Destress Night, which will be commencing on Friday (27th of May) at 6.30 until 9.00p.m. As the name suggests, the event aims to allow SOIT and SOE students the opportunity to abandon their books, coding and theories momentarily in order to mingle with their peers. As of today, the venue for the event itself has yet to be decided; however do keep an eye out on your respective schools’ Instagram for more updates! 

MUSA Did What #4 Highlights 

  • We’re all a bit burnt out but we have much to look forward to! 

Keeping it short and sweet this round (because I can basically hear my AMU3451 essay calling my name) I as well as the entire team at MONGA would like to wish everyone good luck in their coming assignments as well as examinations! For those who plan to travel and celebrate the freedom of newly opened borders, here’s a gentle reminder to stay safe and to enjoy yourself responsibly! ❤️

P.S. Don’t forget to join our Snapshot Challenge: Bowls of Happiness & Thematic Month: Hello Future and you may stand a chance to win yourself some Grab Vouchers before the semester ends! 🤩

Article by Ashley Lim

Header design by Chai Ting

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