Monash Ball ’22: Night of Iridescence

We made it folks. We survived the second semester filled with long lectures, all-nighters and “maybe I should just drop out” jokes. So, what better way to commemorate the end of our year-long battle with assignments and exams than an enchanting night of iridescence🤩

The Monash Ball was held on 20th November (Sunday) from 6pm onwards at Dorsett Grand Subang. As promised in MUSA’s Instagram post, the venue was about a 10-minute drive away from campus. You know it’s nearby when even someone like me could somehow miraculously arrive on time.

Although it had been 3 years since the last Monash Ball, MUSA definitely did not disappoint. All 500 tickets were sold out and despite this large number of people, the ticketing process was relatively smooth without any agonising long queues. Fortunately, the venue was also spacious enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, avoiding accidental gown-stepping. 

This year’s theme was ✨Iridescence✨. And let me tell you the best thing about Monashians is that we understand the assignment. Some of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen were in that ballroom that night. While most opted for a classic black dress, there were also large puffy ball gowns and form-fitting sparkly dresses. The guys (and girls) looked especially striking in their suit and tie (shoutout to that one guy in a fur coat!), a refreshing change from the usual hoodies and sweatpants we see on campus.

To cement this magical occasion, not one, but two photo booths were available outside the ballroom with shiny backgrounds and fun props to spice up the pictures. The photo-taking process was swift which thankfully made the short line move quickly. After that, the pictures were printed on the spot and each member of the group received their own copy.

One of my favourite highlights of the night was the complimentary Inside Scoop ice cream which served various flavours to cater to each individual taste (this accidentally sounds like an ad – I promise it’s not). I got the malted chocolate ice cream and damn it tasted so good even though it melted into cold chocolate soup (I may have spent a little too much time taking photos).

A few pictures with the decor outside later, I made my way into the ballroom filled with round tables and chairs. Each table accommodated up to 10 people so even those who came with large groups were able to sit together or at least near each other. The free-seating arrangements made it easy for those who came in a smaller group to join other small groups and meet new people. Ushers were also around to ensure that everyone had a place to sit. 

The hall was filled with excited chatters and music which was open for people to add their preferred songs in. By 7:30pm, the ball officially began with a few words from the MC and a short speech by the MUSA president. After that, the first dish out of an eight course meal was served on the table’s rotating tray (it was giving Chinese dinner in a fancy restaurant vibe).

The eight course meal were:

Two Hot and Cold Combination (Vegetarian)

  • Vegetarian Spring Roll
  • Bean Curd Roll with Spicy Plum Sauce
  1. Braised Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup (Vegetarian)
  2. Roasted Chicken with Prawn Crackers
  3. Steam Sea Bass with Superior Soya Sauce
  4. Stir Fried Tiger Prawns Coated with Salted Egg Yolk
  5. Braised Bailing Mushroom with Tau Kan and Broccoli (Vegetarian)
  6. Vegetarian Fried Rice
  7. Minced Bean Curd Jelly with Longan

My personal favourite dishes of the night were the vegetarian spring rolls, roasted chicken, steam sea bass and tiger prawns. The second dish – the soup – was good too but a tad bit too spicy for me and the rest of the people on my table. Fortunately, the portion of each dish was large enough to satisfy the whole table’s appetite which was great so that I didn’t feel guilty for having seconds. By the sixth course onwards, everyone was getting full and the attendees began walking around and mingling with each other. 

To entertain us while we ate, Monash Music Club gave spectacular performances as usual. Different performers would come up on stage during the intermissions while waiting for the next course so that there was never a dull moment. There was also a guest performance by 2COVR as a finale to the musical acts.

Another exciting highlight of the event were the generous lucky draw prizes. The lucky draws were done after every meal was served which prevented it from being a lengthy process since some of the attendees were not present when their numbers were announced. Lucky draw prizes included Razer Mouse (2 winners), Grab Vouchers worth RM150 (3 winners), XiaoMi Fit Band (1 winner), Google Home Mini (1 winner), and Starbucks Gift Cards worth RM50 (multiple winners).

Attendees could also flaunt their stunning outfits by posting a picture of themselves at the event with the hashtag #monashball2022 as well as tagging MUSA to stand a chance to win the Best Dressed Award. In the end, there were two winners with memorable dresses that sparkled under the lights as they received their respective bouquet and sash. They definitely captured the essence of the iridescence theme!

Prior to the event, nominations for Best Monash Duo were open to all Monashians and a total of 6 pairs of duos were nominated. The pairs were invited up the stage briefly before a QR code was available on screen for attendees to vote for their favourite duo. After the winners were crowned, Monash Street Dance Society graced us all with a hot performance🔥. Even the crowd was quick on their feet, moving closer to get a better look of the show. 

Lastly, what is a ball without opening the dance floor? Not gonna lie, dancing while sober as a uni student felt off, but that didn’t stop some people from busting out some wicked moves. There even was an ever-growing human train circling around the dance floor.

But as they all say, all good things must come to an end and the dance party ended quite quickly, which was fair enough for those in high heels. It was also unfortunate that there was no allocated time for a slow dance for those who came with their dates (it could have been a whole romantic 2000’s movie slow homecoming dance scene).

Sadly, we had to evacuate the ballroom around 11pm. But for future reference, this just means that you have more time for an after party 👀.  Regardless of how short the night felt, Monash Ball definitely lived up to its hype, especially for those in their final year. Also considering that there was a limo parked outside the venue, I can confidently say that it must have been a memorable night for many. 

Written by Natasha Maya

Photos by Yang Thong Chen

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