Good news for all Monash Cup players!  Our (long awaited) medals have finally been sorted and are set to be announced to all team captains by the end of the month. As for Monash Cup helpers, we haven’t forgotten about you either, your TnG reload pins have been received and will be distributed to all of you by the end of this week. The C&S secretaries are also currently hard at work, cross checking the names and serving terms of club committee members who are eligible for certificates.



Emotions bubbled up at the end of the night as each of the Office Bearers (I’m looking particularly at you Min Hao and Alfa) expressed their gratitude after a year’s worth of ups and downs being in office, before handing down their duties to their successors. Awws were awwed, tears were shed but most importantly hearts were warmed. On a personal note, dear MUSA 2022 (although some of you may not see this): I’ve met so many new people and made so many new friends this year thanks to MUSA, people that I hope to keep in touch with long after I graduate. Despite all our trials and tribulations, the memories that I have made (eating dinner in office after a long day of reporting, cracking jokes at the MSC table, throwing surprise birthday parties and so many more) will stick with me for the rest of my life. You guys have made my university life incredibly eventful and interesting that I don’t for a second regret my decision to join (and rerun). I wish you guys the best of luck for all your future endeavours and hope to see you guys in any future MUSA 2022 alumni reunions! 

And with that, this is your Head Writer Ashley Lim, signing off for 2022 and remember, this isn’t goodbye this is simply see you later. 

Written by Ashley

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