MSC#1 Highlights

  • Look forward to all the fun and festivities before we have to succumb to the torture that is assignments 
  • Don’t forget to collect your magazine! (Or else our admin has to hunt you down, sorry Danelle) 

A Complete MUSA 

After months of deliberation and refining,  the Monash Student Council has finally appointed final remaining members, after being headhunted and having presented their case to the Council. The following positions were filled: 

  • MUISS Media x2 
  • MUISS Country Representative Office (CRO) x2 
  • School of Business(SOB) Female Representative 
  • School of Information Technology (SOIT) Male and Female Representative 
  • School of Pharmacy (SOP) Male and Female Representative 

Now that we are finally complete, we hope to be able to serve the student body to the best of our capability. Good luck to my fellow office bearers and I hope to see you all in office soon! 

Trident Cup 

Although Monash Cup is still months away, it looks like the Clubs and Societies Division is currently in talks with Student Life as well as Sunway University for what seems to be a friendly inter-university competition involving our sports clubs! 


For potential freshmen who may have stumbled upon this, your Orientation fun and festivities have been planned and are currently being carried out by the Activities Department. Also side note for any seniors  who may COINCIDENTALLY be on campus, there’s going to be a Milo truck during the carnival from 2pm-4pm (or till it all runs out)! 

Dear 2023 

The Welfare Department has already got a head-start, with their first event of the year “Dear 2023” expected to be held in the first two days of  Week 1. The event encourages students to write their hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year, and these will then be displayed in the Student Lounge in  hopes of  spreading positivity at the start of this new academic year (and keeping us on track for our respective resolutions). 

Come and Get Your Magazines! 

For everyone who is looking forward to the hard copies of the MONGA 2022 magazine (as you should honestly hehe), the final collection dates will be within Week 1 of the upcoming semester. The details will be uploaded soon to our Instagram but for those familiar with the location of the Sports Centre, you can just come upstairs into our office and collect your copies when one of us is in! 


The 7 schools have come together for the 7 School Minival which will be another carnival-like affair complete with games and booths contributed by all schools. The details (what I could pry out front he report are as follows): 

  • School of Business: 1 game booth and 1 booth to sell items. 
  • School of Engineering: 1 booth for carnival games, 1 booth to sell Malaysian Snacks. (Also I heard that Base Patisserie, Cuba Role Food Truck and Waka Waka Gelato are rumored to have confirmed their participation as well!).
  • School of Information Technology: 1 booth for carnival games and 1 booth to sell pins. 
  • School of Pharmacy: 1 booth for carnival games and 1 booth to sell pins. 

And that’s the end of the very first MSC of the year! As expected things are quickly being set in motion and we hope that, with the lockdown being fully lifted and physical classes being mandatory for all students, we will be able to meet all of you and return Monash to its full glory! 

Written by Ashley

Designed by Jeanette

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