MSC #2: Post-Orientation Fatigue

The Big Leagues? 

MUSA might have the chance of entering the real “big leagues” as the President’s report has informed us that we have been invited by the University Malaya Student’s Union (UMSU) to participate in a press conference held in Parliament on the 8th of March, with the intention to urge the new government to fulfil Pakatan Harapan’s Manifesto. Unfortunately, this did not pan out but the possibility of still standing united and keeping our government accountable is still a prospect that is both exciting and inspiring, whether we play a major or minor role in the mechanisms of change. 

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar! 

On the 8th of March, the Wom*ns Department organised an International Women’s Day event in order to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women as well as to raise awareness on the challenges that we face especially within the subject of gender equality and womens’ rights. As part of the celebrations, everyone was encouraged to wear the colour purple on campus as a sign of solidarity. Furthermore, guest speakers from SOB and SOMHS were invited to encourage the female community in Monash to pursue their passions, creativity and independence. There were also various pop-ups (featuring a student favourite: Waka Waka Gelato) as well as stalls that sold adorable crocheted goods, cookies and chic batik clothing. There was also a board where students could write out their short thoughts about what women meant to them. 

Holi Run 

Here comes one of our first departmental collaborations of the year, with the Activities Department teaming up with MUISS for their Holi Festival event (this name is still in the works) with it being planned to take place within March. The details are still within the planning stages but do keep an eye out on MUISS and MUSA’s official Instagrams for updates! 

Merch Mania 

I couldn’t help but notice the sudden increase in students wearing their Monash varsity jackets and I must say all of you have definitely achieved maximum slayage. The Publicity department is currently mailing out the final pieces of merch, with a final reminder to be sent to students regarding their order. Unfortunately, for those who have not responded before the set cut-off date, your order will be FORFEITED, your money will NOT be REFUNDED and the excess supply of merchandise will either be put in as a restock batch OR be used for future giveaways. 


  • Excursion to Parliament when? 
  • Happy International Women’s Day to all my girls!!
  • For all those who didn’t manage to get merch, kindly refer to our Publicity department 
  • Look out for Holi Run! 

Written by Ashley

Design by Jeanette

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