C&S Review: Model United Nations

Editor’s note: If you’ve wondered about what really goes down during the clubs and societies you didn’t get to sign up for (or decided to let that RM10 stay in your wallet for a little longer), here’s an insider’s look!




The room was bustling with people as I walked in. The average-sized tutorial room was filled with more people than it could contain. Just when Skyler, the president of the club said, “Hello, everyone. Welcome to MUN”, someone raised his hand and said, “Eh? This not chess club meeting ah?” When he was told no, half of the crowd stood up and left because the chess club forgot to send out the new venue memo.

It was the first meeting of the semester for the Monash MUN club and I must say, I was so much at the edge of my seat, I almost fell off it. The participants were asked to discuss on transgenders’ rights around the world. The first speaker stole the room’s attention (or at least mine) with six bold words, “Who ARE we to question god?” and went on about how God created Adam and Eve but not Steve. Everyone in the room got to give their take on the matter. It was very refreshing to hear perspectives from different people with different backgrounds, especially when one of them somehow managed to relate skydiving to a person’s gender identity. Skyler created a comfortable space for members to speak freely and he even gives feedbacks after.

For those of you who are not familiar with M.U.N. (Model United Nations) and was too shy to ask about it at the booth during the C&S sign up week, well, it is basically a club where people come together to participate in a mock diplomatic conference. Participants will act as a delegate for a country to convey favorable resolutions on a topic to the committee. These conferences are held all around Malaysia and the world!

Sam - MUN-1960252.jpg
Last year’s MUN Conference was epic!

If you are someone who wants to step out of your comfort zone in terms of speaking publicly or to gain leadership abilities, I highly recommend you to go over to one of their weekly meetings (Thursdays at 6pm). Their next one would be in a form of an unmoderated caucus. Pretty informal, not too intimidating for a newbie.

Article by Pei Dee

Photos by Samuel Goh

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