Golden Triangle, India, 2010

By Brian Soong

A veritable hipster among his peers, Brian has always been a big fan of documentary photography and idolizes photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Elliot Erwitt and Steve Mccurry. While visiting the Golden Triangle of India (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) in 2010, he was unfortunately there during the peak season and was greatly annoyed by the surrounding camera shutter releases and flashes from visitors around him. Appalled by such mainstream methods, Brian decided to stop taking photos like a tourist and attempted a journalistic approach for the first time to document the culture and lifestyle of the locals.

DSC_1155 DSC_1268 DSC_1652 DSC_1662 DSC_1893 DSC_1904_173 DSC_1906 DSC_1934 DSC_2035 DSC_2085 DSC_2180 DSC_2189 DSC_2214

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