The Art of Pixar Movies: A Paragon of Storytelling

“To Infinity and beyond!” were the words that rang throughout the cinema as children cheered on their favourite character rushing to the rescue. They whooped and they cheered, their elation clear as they excitedly re-enacted the scenes they had watched with their own toys back home. A world of possibility had been opened to them, […]

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A New Year, A New Us.

“A new year, a new us”. Too mainstream? We know. I know it may seem really flat that we could not come up with a witty tagline to kick off 2017, you know saying things like “Editors Take on 2017!” or “Recreating the Vision of Monga – Editors Take Charge!” (okay fine these sound just […]

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EPIC REVIEW: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Written by: Sitwat Azhar Hashmi A Muslim superhero? A Pakistani-Muslim superhero? A female Pakistani-Muslim superhero?! You can only imagine the frequency of my screams and the height of my excitement when Marvel announced their plans of a new superhero that embodied everything that I was. Female – check. Pakistani – check. Muslim – check. Immigrant/Third-culture […]

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Fat Basterd: It’s more than just a burger

Written by: Sandeep Dhanoa Over the past few years, KL has undoubtedly been bitten by the burger bug. The city’s food scene has witnessed assorted burger joints, such as the ever-improving myBurgerLab and the underrated Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB), joining in to revolutionise KL’s burger scene. However, this post is not about the best burger […]

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