Notice on Cafeteria

Disclaimer: This is a notice from the MUSA President, not the editor’s department.

Here are some highlights of the survey carried out earlier in the semester.

A total of 1026 responses were recorded (Male = 480, Female = 546) and we thank you for voicing out.

Most of you have noted the problem with the ventilation in the cafeteria. Due to its design, improvement on the ventilation will be a long-term process and cannot be completed immediately. However, fans have been installed to improve the air ventilation for the time being.

17% of the survey participants have noted that they often discover unwanted objects in their food. Should this happen again, you are highly advised to take a picture of it and send it to MUSA Welfare Officers immediately (email:

A huge majority said that the food on campus lacks variety. As some of you are already aware, Madeleine Café and Sisters Crispy Popiah have just opened above Starbucks, while Boost Juice Bars will be ready for business by the end of October. Apart from that, MUSA is still in the midst of discussion with the administration to bring in food trucks to provide a wider variety of food choices on campus.
We would like to emphasize that we have not come to a conclusion regarding this issue. The administration is open to suggestions provided by students on the food trucks to bring in so please feel free to comment on this post or write on the MUSA Facebook page.

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