Words by Jonah See

While others happily slept,
through the night we crept.
Pen and keyboard clicking,
with no signs of ending.

Some look wearily at an equation
while attempting triple integration.
Others gaze upon lines of text,
memorizing facts before the test.

As the night progresses,
we become overcome by stresses.
Be it from that outstanding peer,
Or from yield and shear.

Our eyes becoming heavy
our thoughts awfully murky,
We resort to cups of coffee,
turning into caffeinated zombies.

Soon another day dawns,
but all we have are yawns.
As we gaze at the rising sun,
whoever said university would be fun??!

But as always the storm will pass,
soon shall we be freed of this farce.
So stand up! Give it your best!
and earn that well deserved rest.

For we are Monashians.
the last minute champions.

* * * *

Editor’s note:

A4 papers as white as snow,
2B pencils as sharp as spears,
exam hall as cold as a freezer.
We know only of one thing:

Winter is here. 

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