5th MSC Meeting 2013 – Highlights

5th MSC meetingBy Lestari Hairul

The 5th Monash Student Council (MSC) meeting started at 1.40pm on 22nd July 2013. Conducted on a week before the official start of the new semester, the council members planned on deconstructing the events of the past semester in hopes of doing better for the upcoming one.

The President began with his report, reminding those present to reflect on the reasons behind why they took office and to find back the drive that got them to take up their positions in the first place.

Policy matters were of paramount importance on that day as each department presenting reiterated their respective policies or reflected on the changes that had to be made in light of practical considerations that presented themselves over the course of the semester.

The Council has spent RM 324,244.69 as of 9th July 2013 and the Treasurers urged the council members to follow what has been budgeted in order to carry out the promises that have been made to the rest of the student population.

The student president of the Johor Bahru Clinical School, where medical students spend their 3rd to 5th years, also made a short presentation about the condition of student life there. Due to their abysmal student life in JB, the JB student-president will be consulting with the MUSA Welfare Department on the logistics and specifics of setting up a student lounge and gym facilities. This will be done before any concrete budgeting and requisition of funds are conducted to ensure that such facilities in JB will be well-managed.

The MSC General Secretary informed those present about the upcoming elections for the incoming student council members. A few members of the MSC raised concerns about the powers of any appointed Returning Officer (RO) of the electoral board in determining electoral penalties. Based on the counsel of the MUSA advisor, Mr. Eng, the MSC Executive Committee was advised to determine the specific rules for the RO to uphold to prevent any future disputes. As this is protected by the Constitution, the matter was resolved.

To give us a sneak peek of what’s going to happen at Monash Ball 2013, the Activities Chairpersons shared with us the details of the performances, the theme and the reasoning behind their budget. It’s set to be one of the best balls Monash University will see.

The first meeting since the end of the first semester ended at about 4.23pm after much hashing out of our constitutional duties, policies and particular issues that have come up over the 6 months or so since taking office. For further details please visit the MUSA website once the meeting minutes are up. Previous meeting minutes are available for your perusal here as well.

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