4th MUISS meeting

4th MUISS Council meeting

By Lestari Hairul

The 4th MUISS committee meeting started at 18:24 in the MUSA meeting room, delayed due to late arrivals and commenced without the presence of the MUISS President, Nesar Hossain (who eventually arrived as the meeting was already underway). It started out with an address by the MUSA advisor, Mr Eng. 2 staff members who will from then on be the direct liaison between Admin and MUISS, were also introduced. They are Ms Yeap the Manager for International Student Services and Ms Caryn the new advisor for MUISS.

Those in attendance were informed of an upcoming briefing to be held next Monday and Tuesday on the new Student Pass and international student attendance requirements. Details are as follows:

Dates: Monday 11th March, Tuesday 12th March

Time: 12-1pm and 11-12pm respectively

Venue: Auditorium 1

Reminders have been sent to the Monash email accounts of all international students and posters will be placed around school.

The MUISS Editors then gave their report followed by some information on the annual Monash Cultural Night. Unfortunately, we cannot release that information at this time as the details are still not confirmed.

Another massive event to look forward to this semester will be the Welcome Back Party, a project done in collaboration with MUSA Activities department. Details will be out soon.

The meeting closed with a discussion on the minutiae of the MUISS elections which will be held on Week 10.

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