Clubs and Societies Division AGM


By Lestari Hairul

The MUSA Clubs & Societies Division 2013 held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) tonight, 7th March 2013 in Auditorium 2.

Delayed by about 19 minutes due to the tardiness of the various clubs and societies representatives, one of the C & S Heads, Ayman Shams, kicked off the meeting with an introduction to the main committee members of the division.

C & S Head Jon Khoo then proceeded to explain the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the 2013 committee. The Heads have decided that their policies will be stricter this year especially since the Event Management Request (EMR) proposal will now be done online.

The revised policies are in place due to a retrospective assessment of the policies and actual practices of the previous year’s committee.

Campus’ Risk Manager, Mr Jasvir Singh, then explained in detail the Risk Assessment form which is part of the EMR proposal. He highlighted the importance of this aspect in each event and also informed those in attendance that there will be an online version of the Risk Assessment guide available soon.

Jon Khoo then continued to explain the rest of their SOP in detail. The C & S Division SOP will be available soon on their website and emailed to each club/society.

The stringent policies and strict penalties imposed upon inactive clubs were justified by the Division Heads as means to ensure that campus life in Monash will be more exciting and vibrant. Mr Deneish Easan, the Manager of the Student Experience department, echoed these sentiments by explaining that the rules are not meant to be draconian and are instead aimed at encouraging even greater student participation. He also took the time to inform the audience of government scholarships available for national level sportsmen and those in the performing arts.

Clubs & Societies Week this semester will be held from 12th to 15th March 2013, 9am to 5pm at the areas near the library and cafeteria. A 2013 guide/directory to the clubs and societies in Monash Sunway will be distributed as well.

For further information about the Clubs & Societies Division, C & S Week or for any other queries pertaining to clubs/societies, look out for their newly revamped website soon or contact them via email at

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