It’s all uphill from here folks


By Vinanie Wijesoma 

Photos by Mr Eng Cheong Meng and Brian Soong 

After an exhausting first MUSA Council Meeting, which lasted three straight days (totaling more than a whopping 24 hours), the MUSA team packed their bags for a two day one night trip to Outbac Broga for a Team-building Camp adventure.

Outbac Broga is an adventure campsite situated near Semenyih. The purpose of the Camp was to help us, the elected office-bearers, foster and strengthen our teamwork skills. This trip was the first of its kind in MUSA Sunway campus history and all in all the MUSA Council members deemed the weekend trip as beneficial.

The trip, fully funded by Monash University Student Services, consisted of three main activities over the span of two days; two station games, a BBQ dinner accompanied by a magnificent fire breathing performance by the Outbac Instructors, and the Broga Hill hike.


Fire performance by an Outbac Broga Instructor

The two station games, each consisting of three activities each, were designed in such a way that the activity could only be completed by strategising and collaborating effectively as a team. One of the activities, dubbed Whale Watching, involved balancing a see-saw like plank, with seven people on board. Our team was victorious (after many goes)!

As with any overnight stay at some place other than your own bed, there was barely any sleep to be had. A few called it quits at around 11pm but others, still energised from the day’s activities, continued to party on into the night by playing a modified game of UNO (which included a truth-or-dare section), Twister, and even barbecuing the left-over dinner.

After less than four hours of sleep, we assembled at the basketball courts at quarter past five in the morning, stretched our fatigued muscles, and listened half-heartedly to the briefing. With our water bottles in one hand and our torches in the other, we finally set off in the early morning darkness to tackle the first peak of Broga Hill. The trek up Broga Hill was unnervingly dark.  Some of our Council members didn’t have a torch, so they had to place all their trust onto the other members, who did bring along a torch, to guide them along the right path.

The last 100m to the first peak was by far the steepest and some of us resorted to using all four of our limbs to complete the climb. Our backs were bent double, and our palms were darkened by the dirt. At one point, Aaron (the Arts Representative) had to pull my entire weight up just so I could get a firm foothold on a rock. This was teamwork at its finest!

The first peak was packed with people; mostly families, professional hikers and university students. We spent about thirty minutes at the first peak, some sitting in solitary completely at one with nature, and others laughing, Instagramming, Facebook checking-in, and documenting every aspect of the beautiful sunrise. We were in in essence completely high off our endorphins.  At that moment, we shared a tacit realisation that this was probably going to be one of the few moments of absolute bliss we would experience this year, a respite before we continue our taxing roles as MUSA council members.

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