Heels-Ready for the MCN Fashion Show

ParvatiBy Zuzana Zukarnain

It has already been three weeks since the semester started yet people are still adjusting to the early morning schedules. Yes, I know it’s dreadful to wake up early in the morning to coordinate your outfit according to your mood. But fashion-lovers, I have news you will be glad to wake up to: Monash Cultural Night Fashion Show is drawing near!

I spent my Wednesday afternoon last week following Aaron Seth on his hunt for models for the MCN Fashion Show. During my interview with him, I was informed that the auditioning process had already taken place for over two weeks, and I am just in time for their final open slot. You must now be wondering what they’re looking for in their runway talent.

Aaron explained to me that everyone can audition as there is no specific look they are looking for. In other words, you don’t have to be Adriana Lima or Francisco Lachowski to try out your luck. Aaron stressed, “We want to represent Monash in entirety, of equal balance [of cultures].” In that sense, the coordinators are looking for three key features: stage presence, confidence, and the ability to carry yourself well.  Other than that, obvious traits such as posture must be well molded into your walk to make it on the runway. Furthermore, female models must audition in a pair of heels as it is crucial to observe how well they can handle the height, especially while walking on a 3 foot-high stage. But ladies, I believe this is the least of your worries; us walking in heels is as natural as Usain Bolt sprinting barefoot. What I would be worried about though is the competition getting into the fashion show – kitty claws are out.

In the middle of my interview with Aaron, Jas Dang, one of the coordinators for the upcoming night, came to join us. Jas proudly informed that throughout the entire two weeks, over 60 students came to audition. Out of those who auditioned, only half will be called back after thorough evaluation. I guess ever since Kate Middleton caught her Prince Charming’s attention walking down their school fashion show, this has become the campus “in-thing”.

During my visit, I was lucky enough to witness an audition by Parvin and her to-die-for pair of heels. When asked why she auditioned, she explained, “I saw the fashion show last year, and wanted to be a part of it this year.” She further described to me how good the presentation of costumes was, and that the entire show was “just a good feeling to watch”.

As a first year student, I have no clue what to look for in the MCN Fashion Show but I guarantee you as your fashion columnist, that I will keep my eyes peeled open. Want to keep yourself updated on the Fashion Show’s progress? Keep checking this column, until then keep making an effort to make our campus a fashion-forward environment!

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