2nd MUSA Council Meeting 2013

MonDo stats

By Lestari Hairul

The 2nd MUSA Council Meeting commenced tonight at approximately 6.30pm in tutorial room 6-2-11.

Each department presented their report on their work so far since the last meeting along with resolving any problems that have cropped up.

Some issues which the council settled include the miscommunication about the Malaysian Women’s Marathon (no reimbursement for registration fee will be granted), the pay of the loungies (will not be increased) and some problems with the C & S Division budget which, by far took the longest to report.

The total amount of money spent so far, very much within the budget, total up to RM 55, 888.84.

The Editors presented our readership statistics to great applause from the rest of the Council. Thank you readers for coming back for more!

For a more detailed report on what went on during the meeting, look out for the meeting minutes which will be prepared by the newly appointed General Secretary, Chong Chern Sam.

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