AH OR Chu Yuk Fun Pork Noodles

By Emily Choong

Do you hear the Monashians sing; singing the song of the mid-semester break?

4 whole weeks of getting back on our feet, adapting to the university world after a long 4-month break and now the mid-sem break is upon us. Do you know what this means?

Time for a food hunt! I bet most of you are tired of the food at the cafeteria, Lunch Box, Rock Cafe, Sunway Pyramid, etc.

Today’s article will feature a restaurant called AH OR Chu Yuk Fun located in an area opposite Sunway Pyramid named Sunway Mentari. I think it’s time people knew more about that area for there are heaps of restaurants available to fill up empty stomachs.

This is personally one of my favourite places to grab a nice hot bowl of pork noodles. Don’t be fooled by how it looks like a typical bowl of noodles and soup. This is different.

Pork noodle 1
Pork noodle 2

Small bowl with egg.

Pork noodle 3

The egg is gorgeous, isn’t it?

How to order?

1. Choose the type of pork noodles you wish to order. They come in 4 types: small, large, special and dry. I highly recommend taking either the small or large. If you happen to be super hungry, go for the special. It is basically a slightly bigger portion of the large bowl with extras like more meat. As for the pricing:

Small – RM6.00

Large – RM7.00

Special – RM12.00

Dry – RM7.00 (comes with a bowl of soup)

2. If you would like an egg in your noodles, let the lady know. It is RM1.00 to add an egg.

3. Choose the type of noodles you wish to have. You may choose from a selection of mee/yellow mee, beehoon, kuey teow or you can mix and match them.

4. If you’re not a fan of liver and pork intestines, you can request to not have them in your bowl. Again, let the lady know.

Right after placing your order, be seated at the table and another lady will attend to your drink order. I usually go for a herbal or iced Chinese tea. I should mention that the soup is full of flavour and generally salty so it’s best to accompany it with either a plain or sweet iced drink.

They only accept cash and you can pay before leaving. Separate bills can be done.

To get there, I highly suggest taking a taxi for it is pretty far from bus stops. Just go to this address:

No. 3, Jalan PJS 8/17,

Dataran Mentari,

46150 Bandar Sunway,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The signboard is orange in colour and it is one of the restaurants in the middle of the shop lot. You may refer to my first article for the taxi numbers.

p.s. People would drive from distant areas just to grab a bowl of this piece of heaven. Highly recommended!

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