Monash Parking Woes

By Lestari Hairul

It all started with an email sent, on Thursday 4th April 2013,  to each Monash Sunway student account, informing us about the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project that will be commencing soon, further decimating the number of (legal) parking spots. As disgruntled students Tweeted; updated their Facebook statuses; and groused with friends, Neil Liew a first year Faculty of Arts student, wrote a lengthy comment on the MUSA Facebook page.


He urged the MUSA Council members to bring up the matter to the Administration, to properly represent the voice of the student population. The comments and likes to Neil’s original post continue to escalate and by late evening of Friday, 5th April 2013, a petition was was circulated.


The petition currently stands at 221 signatures

This petition, available on, quickly met its initial goal of 100 signatures and the goal number has since been increased to 500. As the students are left to worry about finding parking spots and therefore being able to attend classes on time or even at all, members of MUSA have been reassuring their peers that the issue is indeed being looked into.

MUSA reply

The email announcement from Student Services came at the tail-end of the week and with the week-end, all the griping will increase as students continue to wonder about the parking predicament that will only worsen with the BRT project. Some students have expressed hope that by Monday, some viable solutions will be offered.

We are aware of the amount of hard work put in by both MUSA and the Student Services department as they seek for solutions to mitigate the parking predicament. As of now, only the alternatives offered in the original email and comment by MUSA have been announced and we continue to await the official word on the much needed redress of student grievances.

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