3rd Council Meeting 2013


By Lestari Hairul

The 3rd MUSA Council Meeting 2013 started at 6.35pm, Thursday 18th April with an explanation by the GenSec on new council meeting procedural. Once the administrative housekeeping was out of the way, the President then informed those in attendance of an upcoming plan by the Administration to implement a shuttle bus service in 2 weeks time.

The shuttle bus will be available in 3 time blocs through the day and will run a Sunway Pyramid – Monash University route with no other stopovers, unlike the current orange shuttle bus service. Official announcement on this new service especially for drivers parking at Sunway Pyramid will be available closer to the launch date.

The otherwise sedate and relatively short meeting had a little deliberation over the problems of reimbursement and subsidisation for both the WorldMUN delegates (2 of whom weren’t able to attend the conference) and the International Scholar Laureate Programme’s sole Monash Sunway delegate. For more details, please refer to the 3rd meeting minutes which will be available soon on the MUSA website.

Highlights from the evening’s meeting as the various departments gave their reports include;

– the availability of the Party’s post-mortem report

– the C & S Division’s good news (total membership up, physical layout of C & S week wasn’t conducive)

– discussion of the preliminary results from the Monash Women Safety Survey.

The MUSA 2012 Expenses is also finally available and the final figure amounted to RM 1, 145, 135.92 Students interested in the fiscal matters of the previous year’s Council are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Plenary Theatre on 30th April 2013, 6.30pm.

Total expenses so far for MUSA 2013 is at RM 67, 764. 84

Please refer to the official MUSA website for further updates and access to the meeting minutes (available soon).

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