Beyond Physical

Justin H'ng [1]

By Justin H’ng 

My name is Justin H’ng and I am 21 years old this year. I’m a final year student majoring in finance and economics in the School of Business. I’m here to share my thoughts and experience about bodybuilding.  Do note though that I do not consider myself a bodybuilder. To me you can’t call yourself a bodybuilder until you seriously compete in bodybuilding competitions, which takes everything to a whole new level.  Now let’s get to the point!

Beyond just the physical. 

The most important thing bodybuilding has taught me is not about having a great body rather, it’s about what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Many challenges we face in life are actually more mental than physical. “The body achieves what the mind conceives but at the same time the body will give up a hundred times before the mind does’’. That is why it is crucial that we have the correct mindset and attitude when striving to achieve our goals.

How I got started. 

Being skinny all my life, I had never dreamt of achieving the physique I have today. However, bodybuilding is a sport where you never get satisfied and I am still training to achieve newer goals that I have set for myself. I was 55kg from the age of 16 to 19 at a height of about 174cm. I was almost underweight. That is until a former housemate of mine inspired me and helped me believe that it was possible for me to achieve the body I wanted. He shared with me that he used to be as skinny as I was and that it took him about 2 years to get to where he was with proper training and nutrition. It was then that I realized that if he could do it, I can do it too. He was very helpful in teaching me the basics of training and nutrition, which greatly contributed to my initial success. I am grateful for that to this day.

Justin H'ng [2]

As I progressed and developed a passion for the sport, I begin searching the web for more information. I looked into ways to make my training more effective and researched extensively on proper nutrition and supplementation. You would be surprised with the amount of information on websites dedicated to such knowledge and on the hundreds of YouTube fitness channels available. Really, in this generation, “not knowing how’’ cannot be an excuse anymore. All you have to do is Google it!

Simple but crucial points I would like to share. 

What many beginners fail to realise, which included myself when I first started, is how important nutrition is for building muscle. In bodybuilding, training is 100% and nutrition is another 100%.  Many people fail to realise that you don’t grow in the gym. Instead growth comes with proper nutrition and sleep. It is during the recovery period after your workout that your muscles can grow.

Another important key in reaching your goals is consistency and discipline. Bodybuilding will not give you immediate results. It will take at least 1-2 months before you will actually see any progress in your body at all. This is why many people give up after a couple of weeks. It’s a shame because if they had persevered longer they would have seen results. Trust me on this. Once you see progress, that is the only motivation you need to continue. Progress is my main motivation for now. Seeing my body develop from a scrawny 55kg to about 67kg now is all the motivation I need. Looking back at old pictures and the person I see in the mirror now makes every moment in the gym worth it. It isn’t going to be easy, but I can assure you it is going to be worth it.

It is always good to have a training partner that can push you, but don’t rely on others to go to the gym. Go alone if you have to, after all you’re not going into the gym to hang out, you’re going there to work out! I am not against making friends in the gym, but you should always remember that your number one priority in the gym is to workout, not to socialise. My brother has been my best training partner so far. Being only 3 years apart, it has always been a close competition between us to get bigger and stronger which helps us be that much more dedicated towards our workouts and diet. When we’re in the gym it’s all business and no nonsense. If you want to see some serious results, you have got to take your workouts seriously.

Justing H'ng [3]


I’m sure if every guy had a choice they would want to be walking around with chiseled abs and every girl would want to have a flat stomach. The question is “How bad do you want it?’’. There are people who dream about the thing they want and there are people who actually go out and get it. This applies to every aspect of your life. You decide who you want to be!

I hope the readers will be inspired by my experience and thank you for taking the time to read this article. For those who have been inspired and are interested to start working out you can visit any of the following sites for FREE content and information. Everything you need to know can be found in any of the websites or YouTube channels linked below.


Simply Shredded



Rob Riches

Steve Cook

Mike Change aka Sixpackshortcuts

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