MUPhas: From a Kind Heart to Healthier Hearts

By Talitha Rahma

On Thursday, 11th of April 2013, MuPha (Monash University Pharmacy Society) held a “Heart Awareness Campaign and Fundraiser for Charity” event at Monash University foyer from 9 AM to 4 PM. Their mission was to raise as much money as possible for Heart Foundation of Malaysia. They did so by selling coupons of RM 10 each, where coupon buyers could get health screenings and play various games. They also sold “Healthy Living, Healthy Heart” t-shirts for RM 20 each. Money gained from the sales will all proceed to the Heart Foundation of Malaysia. Aside from the charity, the event also provided some entertainment for the attendees: our own dancers from Monash Dance Fusion Club performed their best moves at midday, but unfortunately, I did not get to watch them. Another unfortunate thing was the games booths were already close by 1PM. And I also did not get to “donate” for the charity. Maybe next time.

IMG_3674_zps5b20d8dc IMG_3679_zpsfce141dc IMG_3680_zps34b3b00e IMG_3683_zpse19979fb IMG_3684_zpsb2268ee7 IMG_3686_zps7f4d8a62 IMG_3687_zpsafd6db43 IMG_3688_zps9a8f283e IMG_3690_zpsb2d4dc53 IMG_3691_zpsd5487024 IMG_3692_zps5bb96a3d IMG_3693_zpsd51efb13 IMG_3695_zpsb74a3376


In an earlier version of this post, we misspelled MuPhas. It has been changed from MuPhas to the correct abbreviation MuPhas.

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