Editorial: MonGa Feedback


By Lestari Hairul

Welcome back to the new semester!

MonGa’s first issue of our term came out a couple of days ago and in between pushing the copies to various students and trying to come up ways to get people to see that we even exist, we have been gathering feedback about the issue. Most acquaintances would say that they thought it colourful or nice, and our closer friends would point out the typos and low-res photos that came out wonky here and there but for the random stranger on campus, whose thoughts we would most like to hear, it’s a bit difficult to get hold of them without ending up scaring them away.

So it was with good cheer that we greeted this particular anonymous feedback.


See despite the fact that this was hardly constructive (since it doesn’t specify what is precisely bad about it), it does show that at least somewhere out there among the hordes of students just going about their daily lives, someone who doesn’t know any one of us Editors actually cares. They cared enough to go through the issue and decide promptly that it is bad and that “[we] should feel bad”.

We are so inspired by this random act of kindness that we would like to extend the opportunity for other people to commit a similar but slightly more constructive form of kindness. You, yes you, we value your opinion so please, get to writing and comment at the bottom of this post here on what you think of the latest issue of MonGa and particularly, what you think we should improve on for our next and final issue of our term.

To sweeten the deal, we’re even making a draw out of it, you’ll get a Starbucks card if you win the draw (or if you’re the only person to make a comment, you win it automatically). But to have your comment be public, you are required to make it using your student email address and include your actual name.

You know how we tend to feel powerless about many issues in life and just end up merely complaining to our friends? Maybe it’s because we don’t know where to turn to or haven’t actually thought through the precise things that need to be carried out to effect viable change.

We thought the same and that’s why we got into office wanting to make Monashians more involved and to speak up about issues and things that matter. We provide the platform for your voices and in turn, we hope that this will drive more students to think, speak, write, create and actively participate in the student life here. If you’re inspired to leave a comment about our quality here, we hope the writing process will also inspire you to produce creative work that can be featured here or even in the next issue of MonGa. Do contact us.

Poster Final

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vince says:

    Lol… I sense sarcasm…. a lot of it… lol
    Well, for a start, I do agree with the first part of the line, it is bad… but no so much on the part where ‘you should feel bad’.

    Some/most students do look forward to each Monga issues as it features their friends, themselves, things that happened throughout the year, or generally for reading pleasure. But the thing is, (leaving typos, text and contents aside), the way how it’s designed and published made the whole issue feel like a practical joke. I’m sure even highschools own yearbooks could possibly be better than this current issue of the magazine.

    First up, what is up with the design? It’s rather, some of the section seems completely out of place. Although some of the sections/features were made nicely, the others just pulled the overall image of the issue down. (Stereotyping here) no matter how good or well done for most of the section, it’d take merely a couple of poorly made sections to be trending throughout the whole school, in the end, giving everyone the impression that the issue was bad.

    Cover page, what are you guys trying to tell us? To attract us? Other than the obvious fact that “Hello, this is the Monga issue for this year”! but what exactly is it featuring or covering? The mere lack of information and basic design of the cover page just discourage us to even pick it up, heck, might as well remove the cover title too. What usually catches the audience is the first few pages of the Magazine, i.e, by just merely taking a glimpse of the first few pages of the book, if it was bad, people would have the impression that it’s gonna be a bad issue, likewise if it was good, people would be attracted to it (for example, the previous Monga issues last year). I’d be shy to even claim any credit if I were to contribute a mere bit.

    Adding on to what you’ve previously mentioned, the choices of pictures and photos used were… to be straightforward…atrocious, and meaningless? First few pages, all i see are dull and plain images, and even rubbish of the stormdrains?! Sometimes, featuring one or two images is better than putting up more than 5 to a page. Never put up low resolution or out of perspective images, unless it is absolutely necessary, as this just lowers the overall quality of the Magazine, regardless of how well written an article may be.

    The design and format appears to be all over the place. Stick to a set of Family Font and Sub Font, understand boarders and framing dimensions, and especially how it’s designed or presented, make sure there’s no colour bleeding in the process (Fine example, Mid-Week Mingle section, one glance at it would shun off readers for that section)… Do not vear off a format once you’ve chosen it. Revise each section design with a friend or friends to get first hand feedback.

    Give credit when it’s due, ISO-Iloilo or Sober Raving, for example, were well made! Simple and clean, yet not too sophisticated. With more designs like thoses, no one would have the right mind to comment negatively about it in the first place.

    Sometimes, not all articles need sophisticated design to make it attractive, pulling out “My Boyfriend was Bron A Girl” from #01, 2012’s issue, all words, with probably one small picture just to compliment the page, and just purple and black fonts… it looks simple and clean, yet appealing and not distracting. Hope the next issue of Monga would improve a lot!

    Theses are some of my own personal opinion the point of time, and in no way meant to offend or provoke all the contributors to the issue.
    It’s 3am, good night.


    1. musaeditor says:

      Hello Vince,

      Thank you for your reply! Since you’re the only feedback respondent since the article went live, you have won yourself a Starbucks card!
      Please drop by the office to collect your prize.

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