7th MSC Meeting – highlights

msc 7th

By Lestari Hairul

The 7th MSC Meeting started at 6.17pm on Thursday,  5th September 2013 and for that evening, a few members of each party contesting for the upcoming MUSA Elections were present. At the advice of the MUSA President during a Q & A session earlier in the week, party members of both Transcend and Sapientia sat in to have a feel of how the meetings are conducted.

Based off the Treasurers’ latest report, the total expense as of 9th July 2013 amounts to RM 431,153.20. The President reminded all present that according to the budget proposals sent earlier in the year, there is still almost a million left to spend on the students, for the students’ benefit.

On to the Election preparations, it was decided that Week 10 will be designated as attachment week for the new Council members to shadow and learn from the current MUSA 2013 members. This new directive was put in place to ensure that incoming MUSA Council members are not unprepared to face the upcoming year. The hand-over is projected to take a little bit more time compared to the ones we had previously.

The General Secretary brought to table the issue of the misuse of printing facilities. From the ensuing discussion, and the volunteering of information by one of the C & S Heads, the misuse of printing facilities in the MUSA offices has been a rampant activity. The verdict sent was that all out-of-office use will be banned and those in the vicinity of the printing room will have to keep a close eye on the activities of the printer(s). That includes us, unfortunately.

The Treasurers will be leaving end-November and will thus be closing all MUSA accounts before they leave; if you have any monetary dealings with MUSA, especially if you are a club/society treasurer, best do your paperwork soon.

After some off-the-record discussion about the upcoming elections, the meeting ended at 8.50pm. The official meeting minutes can be accessed here, we have minutes up till the 4th meeting at the moment for your perusal.

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