Film Screening: Brazil – Getting To Know The Monash Film Society

Theatrical Release Poster
Theatrical Release Poster (Photo credit here)

By Anushiya Suresh

Recently, the Monash University Film Society had their first movie screening for the semester, which was the movie Brazil. In my opinion it was a suitable film, which sadly lacked the audience of students, as it was not a typical movie. I attended the screening of the film and honestly, I enjoyed it. It was a film that depicted a man dreaming of his lady love and he then sets out to find her. This was a tiny bit different from our regular romance movies because of the difference in the time zones, and how things operated in the world.

The Film Society went boldly by choosing this film as an opening for the semester. Though it didn’t receive the deserved attention from students, it certainly did grab attention that the society was heading towards a slightly different direction this semester. I managed to speak to the president of the society, Kenny, about his take on the club. The Film Society has been around for 2 years now and it basically is about people getting together whilst watching and appreciating films. “We’re basically a group of people who would take any opportunity to watch a good film!” he said.

When asked about how films were selected to be aired, he said, “Well this semester, we’ve decided to go a little bit deeper than we used to go before.” The Film Society used to have weekly themes as a mode of choosing the movies to be aired, whereby a particular theme would be chosen and members were to vote on the film of their choice through the Film Society’s page on Facebook. “But this semester, we want to introduce people to films they may not have watched, or even heard about,” he added. The films chosen this semester were basically an introduction into the world of more significant film makers as the Film Society also hopes to get its members to be more interested in slightly more complicated films that they do not usually watch as opposed to what is available commercially.

For new or incoming members of the Film Society, Kenny personally wants to say that you should indeed take a risk and come to the screenings to watch these films even if they are not in your usual preferred genres. “I’ve tried to pick films that are enjoyable, yet structurally significant at the same time” he said. Well in my opinion, the Film Society seems to be the ideal club for all of you out there who are ardent movie lovers. So make yourself available, as I have heard, because this week the Film Society’s pick is a horror movie!

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