4th MSC Meeting: Highlights


By Ai Lin

The 4th MSC Meeting was called to order at 7.15pm on 30th April 2014.

The meeting kick started with the presentation of the MUISS election report by returning officer RO, Ong Lee Ching.

The entire council was updated on the election from the beginning to the end. The report on foul plays during the election was definitely one of the highlights of the entire report. The RO found huge similarities between the logo submitted by one of the parties and certain images she found on Google. The party involved admitted to their fault and sent in an apology letter. Then there was the case of an anonymous candidate from the school of engineering giving out false assignment to gain votes. The RO cleared the air and dropped the case due to insufficient evidence.

A total of 530 international students voted this year, which is 35% of the total of international students in Monash.

The President presented his report on the on-going problems in the university. A proper notice board indicating the car-park opening hours will be placed on the gate as soon as it arrives. There have been several complains from students regarding the unclean utensils in cafeteria. It has been brought up at the OSHE meeting and students are advised to take a photo if they come across such situations and email Mr. Jasbir or bring it up to the office as physical evidence.

The FMD department is looking into solutions for the inappropriate height of the tables in the library. The lockers located in the basement will be moved and be placed at new locations around the campus. New fans for the cafeteria has been ordered to improve the ventilation system in the cafeteria. They are expected to arrive by June. Fogging will be conducted on a weekly basis to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.

The Vice President have confirmed the production of Monash hoodies! A total of 375 has been ordered for now in the colours of navy blue, grey and black. It will be on first come first serve basis at the price of RM60 for one!

The meeting turned intense when the School Representatives announced that the Monash Run included in their budget proposal earlier this year will be cancelled. Their justification being the construction work in Sunway area is too dangerous for the students. The funds will be transferred to help Monash Got Talent event, making it a large scale event instead of within the School of Arts.

However, a few of the council members thought the issue of safety being the sole reason of the cancellation of this event is not convincing enough. Some agreed that the school representatives should actually come up with a few alternative routes before calling it off and transferring the funds is not an ideal idea because both the Monash Run and Monash Got Talent are events catering to different groups of students.

After a long 1 hour and 30 minutes (yes, you read it right) discussion and debate on this issue, the president called for a motion and it was agreed, not unanimously, that the School Representatives will fund a selected number of Monash students to participate in selected runs, with the remaining of the funds allocated to the Monash Got Talent event.

[Edited] The President decided that a time limit for discussions will be implemented in future MSC meetings.

The meeting concluded at 11.06pm.

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