6th MSC Meeting Highlights

6th MSC Meeting Highlights

by Emily Choong

The meeting began at a quarter past six with the usual President’s report announcing the resignation of the male representatives of School of Medicine and Arts & Social Sciences. A by-election, in response to this issue, will not be held due to the short period of time as the upcoming main MUSA election (to be held later this semester) approaches. In the mean time, the General Secretary suggested the appointment of suitable students to temporarily play the respective roles by the next council meeting.

It’s the time of year to appoint the next Returning Officer (RO). The council began throwing names of potential candidates which turned into an unproductive discussion. Hence, the General Secretary concluded that this should be finalized by the 8th of August.

The Activities Department reported that the venue for the upcoming annual ball has yet to be confirmed. The department is actively working on this matter.

The very brief meeting adjourned at 6.55 p.m.

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