Monash Annual Ball 2014: What’s Cookin’ Up?

Monash Annual Ball 2014 poster

Words by Emily Choong Pictures by Vince Cheong & Eugene Chia

With over 600 tickets sold within the first day of sales and having to go through tedious processes to open 60 additional seats for eager and disappointed students, we can tell you are all excited for the Monash Annual Ball. Here are some things you should know as well as a few extra hints on what’s to come.

To be held on the 21st September (this Sunday!) at Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South, this year’s Monash Annual Ball theme is a Shakespearean one called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” which explains a lot about the oddly-put sentences on the poster, event page and other publicity materials. The theme was inspired by one of the main organizers who was involved in the respective Shakespearean play back in the day. I was personally given the impression that the organizers are able to execute elements of the play into primary aspects of the ball such as decoration and food. Expect classiness when you arrive at the location.

Exhibit A: the entertainment section. If you have been following the news on their event page, it has been announced that Josh & Keith, Andrew Netto, Rejuvenate Dance Crew and Malaysian Youtuber Elizabeth Tan will be performing! Besides that, an internationally-known emcee, a DJ for the night and various local performances carefully chosen by the team will hit the stage. Seems as though the organizers are being secretive of what’s to come this annual Monash event. We can only hope that it is worth all the suspense!

To fill up our stomachs and get our money’s worth, a 4-course Western meal will be presented in a sit-down dinner style (no queuing for buffets yay!). So far, the organizers have teased us with a picture of the dessert – a brownie slice with vanilla ice cream (pictured below).

brownieeee :DHungry? We are too.

A note to those who intend to drive, there are 600 parking spaces at the location available on a first come first served basis – so no sweat! Parking is free but you are required to validate the parking ticket at the autopay machine.

Also, this is a gentle reminder to all Monashians to bring along your scroll (a.k.a. ticket) as well as your student ID for verification purposes during registration – which begins at 5.45 p.m. (NRIC for non-Monashians).


Do keep a look out for announcements and more teasers on the event page HERE.

See you at the ball! :)

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