7th MSC Meeting Highlights

7th MSC Meeting

Words by Wei Yng & Emily Choong

The 7th MSC meeting took place in 9304 as this meeting had the largest crowd of attendees to date. This hints that the election for next year’s student council is coming!

The meeting commenced at 6.20pm with the President’s report. As usual, he gave us mandatory mundane updates such as the progress of the gym and cafeteria at the Johor Medical School. The cafeteria changed to a new operator and the gym has been set up with new equipment.  Fans have been installed in our cafeteria to improve ventilation. The entire campus is undergoing a campus space review hence relocation of lockers to places with better lighting is put on hold. As mentioned in the 5th MSC Meeting, the resting space for students is also placed under the working group responsible for the campus space review. The President told us he can’t promise anything but we can just hope for the best.

This is where things got more interesting, when the Vice Presidents presented their report. They start with the issue that piqued everyone’s interest – the Monash hoodies. The hoodies were sold out within 1.5 hours instead of the planned 3 days. 10 hoodies were sold to the models beforehand and some hoodies were reserved for some of their committee as they had to help out during the sales and is said to have sacrificed their chance to line up and buy a hoodie.

The restock of hoodies took up large part of discussion during the meeting. The VPs transferred RM50 000 from their student initiative budget to merchandising in order to reprint the hoodies. The low down of the entire discussion was:

  • Many suggestions were provided during the entire discussion which includes
    • Pre-order or ready stock?
    • Quantity of hoodies to be reprinted
    • Queue system during the sales
    • Reusing revenue from hoodies for reprint

The discussion was not fruitful and was truthfully, mostly a waste of time as the VPs were adamant with their initial decision regarding the hoodie sales. They said due to budget constraints, they can only reprint 600 hoodies and 150 will be reserved for the Johor Medical School students. They cited time constraint as a reason to not make it pre-order style and wanted to avoid wastage when students don’t collect the hoodies they have ordered. Also, they said they lack space to store and manpower to transport the hoodies to the booth during sales. The male engineering representative, Jonah wrapped up the discussion with an inspirational speech praising the VPs for their efforts and the wildly successful sales of the hoodies and only suggested that perhaps the quantity should be increased.

The second item on their report was regarding reimbursement MIVG 2013 winners from the Johor Clinical School. To provide some background, the Vice Presidents of MUSA 2013 promised full reimbursement to students for participated in MIVG Games for 3 categories. Apparently the documents were delivered to Monash Mailing Department, and the signature of recipient was forged an unknown loungee who was sent to collect documents on behalf of the VPs. Take note that this was quoted by the previous VPs. The package of receipts and other documents were misplaced during shifting of MUSA offices which resulted in students not receiving the reimbursement they were promised.

Below is another low down of the discussion:

  • Welfare officers said that it was made out that the loungees are to be blamed, VPs apologized and said it was not their words, but the previous VPs.
  • It was brought up that photocopies of receipts should be made prior to mailing of receipts. However, even if this was done, the VPs are still unable to claim the money as the Finance department of Monash requires original receipts to issue money. The photocopies will only serve as a proof that the claims for reimbursement are real.
  • There was a point where the email in which the VPs agreed for full reimbursement was demanded to be shown.
  • It concluded with a suggestion that the participants should get original reprinted receipts from the suppliers (printing of shirts) so that the VPs can at least reimburse part of the MIVG participants’ claims.

The General Secretary announced that Ong Lee Ching will be the Returning Officer (RO) for the upcoming elections.

Treasurers informed the council that transfers of budgets within departments are allowed so long as it is witnessed by the treasurers themselves and the president.

The DotA 2 competition is approaching and the School of IT representatives requested a transfer of funds from the leftovers of the Monash Got Talent. They needed an extra of RM4k as they have decided to hold the competition off-campus due to the Monash Intranet’s incapability of running many computers with the game at once. The council suggested that the School of IT representatives approach the Vice Presidents to request for subsidy rather transfer the funds.

Extra news for the Monash Got Talent: a finalist will be selected by the Activities Chairpersons to perform at the Monash Annual Ball. This also means free tickets for the selected ones! If you’ve been following up with the news of the Monash Got Talent on Twitter, you should know that Josh & Keith were selected!

For more entertaining news, there is apparently another party slowly dominating the job scope of publicity officers. The involvement of Monash Media in the recent Orientation Bash was brought up during the meeting as there seems to be a conflict of interest. Monash Media is a club under the C&S Division and the debate therefore involved the C&S heads.But fret not, to prevent this from occurring again in future, the council agreed that the publicity officers should draft out a memorandum and liaise with C&S Division on this matter.

Following up the resignation of the male representative of School of Medicine, a new candidate, Nehru Nagalingam, was appointed and voted in by the council.

The final item on the agenda, probably the start of the most exciting part of the semester for MUSA, is regarding the election regulations. The timeline has been released to the council members. Discussion on this agenda prolonged due to the question on why the C&S Division is running under a MUSA election rather their own. Considering the very inflexible timeline, the C&S Division will not be able to form their own election and therefore will still be running under the MUSA election this year. In addition to this issue, the male representative of School of Engineering expressed his disappointment because the division did not exercise their rights to run their own election given to them during the 1st MSC meeting.

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