MUSA Annual Election 2014

Dear students of Monash University Malaysia,

The MUSA Election is back!


The above is the Notice of Election to inform you of the timeline. As of this post, we are currently at the 4th and 5th stage: Campaign period and Polling period.

Polling period is held this entire week, from 22nd – 26th September, for you to cast your votes (refer to the above for polling times and location).

There were initially 3 parties registered for the election: Concords, Illuminate and Machas. Machas, however, withdrew their ticket registration just before the campaign period. Therefore, we have 2 parties officially running to fill the seats for MUSA 2015.

Here are your candidates:



The election debates are also going on this week, at the Foyer (outside Audi 1). You are encouraged to drop by to be informed of what most departments have in mind when they get elected, as well as to pose any questions to the respective candidates.

Here is the Election Debate schedule:


For more information of the MUSA Annual Election 2014, please refer to the Election Guide HERE. You are required to sign into your Monash authcate account to be able to view the file.

* Election information & photos by MUSA Election Committee 2014

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