Orientation Bash, March 2015

On the 7th of March 2015, over 200 bright-eyed first year students arrived on campus for the first orientation bash of the year. Upon arrival, they were served breakfast and then split into 11 groups of nineteen. They then journeyed to Outbac Broga for the Orientation Bash!


The day was filled with several exciting activities like rock climbing, kayaking, and “Amazing Race”.

DSC_5912 DSC_5907

The goal of the race was to go through several obstacles such as this..


..and this..


..in order to obtain materials needed to make a cup of hot Milo.  Examples of the materials included matches to start the fire, a spoon and Milo packets for.. well, the Milo. The fastest team to complete the race wins!

After an unexpected rainfall, the participants adjourned to the field for the barbecue dinner.


Soon after, a bonfire was lighted and the instructors from Outbac Broga put on a breathtaking fire performance, complete with fire breathing and fire eating.


The show ended at about 10pm and we journeyed back to campus exhausted but satisfied with the events of the day.

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