THEME OF THE MONTH: PASSION – Submissions Part 1


Andrew Peter Tze-Meng limby Andrew Peter Tze-Meng Lim

Going to disneyland was like magic. It reignited my passion for all things disney, made me download and watch all episodes of Kim Possible the moment I came back to Malaysia!


by Ananya Bordoloi

What’s my passion?
My passion is to write
I scribble a lot of funny things
In the middle of the night.

Its three twenty four
And I probably should be asleep
But I’m up writing this
Like I really give a shit

What’s my pasison?
Is that even a question
Its like asking
Kim K to rot in her damnation

It’s three twenty nine
And I’m wondering
If I should be writing
About what my passione is, right?

What’s my passion?
I’m guessing you know by now
That I have none
But I really hope
You consider me
For a coupon so dope.


Newby Yap Jia Chyuwn Cavan

Passion to continue their tradition, and believing in gods.

The Passion of a Loving Mother

By Dushinka Anjalee Wijesinghe

A friend when I need companionship, an expert when I need advice

Such is the changing roles of a mother so kind.

Our bond is so strong it can never be torn apart.

Even though, there were times I had caused you great sorrow.

If I know what I know now, your advice would not have gone unheard.

You have always been in my thoughts and prayers without any doubt or despair.

Her love is made of something oh so great and special.

Unconditional care, kindness and sacrifice are few qualities it bears.

My mother so loving and so loved by me, is what keeps us together at all times.

I know now that there is no greater, more purer love like yours.

And it is the reason why her love and passion will always be so valued.

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