Theme of the Month: Choices/Regrets – Submissions

Monga - Choice or Regrets edit final

Submission by Nadya Priguna Poernama

Desiderata 2.0
by Febriana Ramadhanya

All of our choices lead us to where we are now.
All of our choices define who we are now.
Regret only comes when an unknown opportunity was missed,
and will never come by again.
It is in our nature to always wonder what if.

Through our entire lives, we were forced to choose,
our personality, our appearance, our friends, our significant other,
and oh, so much more.
Regret only comes and clouds over our consciousness
in the thought of missing all the possibilities.
This is inevitable.

Some choose to live on edge, surrounded by thrill and danger
riding with devils with their arms spread wide.
Some choose the path of safety, for those who fear the unknown
playing hide and seek with angels.
No matter how one lives their life, regret would only come sweeping in
when seeds of envy and insecurity are watered.

But do we really regret all the choices we made, or didn’t make?
All the things we chose structure the way we are in the present.
We are all where we’re supposed to be.
Happiness will only come if contentment is found.
The universe will unfold as it should.

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