Let There Be Revival: Monash Music Festival 2015!

Words by Saw Ray Mond


      That was the only thing first-year student Lee Ka Vei could say when asked about the Monash Music Festival. The Monash Music Festival was held on the 2nd of April to a sold out crowd and it blew all our minds away. There was a risk of rain throughout the day, but it seems as though even Mother Nature was ready to jump, sweat and dance throughout the night, providing clear skies throughout the event.

      As evening arrived so did the people. People had already begun queuing up to get their wristbands by 5 and the various food trucks and stalls, as well as the Red Bull stands were ready for business. Organisers distributed glow sticks and all sorts of other party gear for free, making it feel like a full-fledged music festival. Monash was ready.

Monash Music Festival 2015 | MUSA Editorial Board | www.the-mondo.com

      First up on stage was Tasha Aleia. Wooing the crowd with her voice, her performance got us all in the mood for more and she delivered. Up next was the local pop punk band An Honest Mistake. Lead singer Darren Teh, with his long pink hair, got the whole crowd head-banging to their sick tunes, reminiscent to the time when bands like Fall Out Boy and Simple Plan were just starting out and played at gigs just like this way back in the early 2000s.

Monash Music Festival 2015 | MUSA Editorial Board | www.the-mondo.com

      Acoustic songs? Check. Punk rock? Check. Time for some beat boxing then, as the Human Hi-Fi came out and used only their mouths and a mic for some dope beats. Even classic Chinese songs weren’t spared as they gave their own spin on a golden Chinese oldie, as well as more contemporary pop hits, like Uptown Funk. I would however suggest disinfecting the mics they used before using them for other events. Just sayin’.

Monash Music Festival 2015 | Photo taken by Ravin

      DJ Silent was up next. He got us all in the mood for partying as he dropped the beats. This was the part where the Red Bulls being handed out during the event came in handy, as everyone in the crowd raved and partied. Technical issues failed to dampen the mood; instead it just got everyone asking for more. BATE and Goldfish carried on, and some really energetic souls danced and jumped the whole night. Seemed as though some were just too excited either for the event or the fact that the near-fatal due dates for most assignments had just passed.

      The Monash Music Festival was amazing, and I doubt many would deny that. Credit must be given to the organisers for going way above expectations, as well as the crowd for the support and creating the amazing atmosphere throughout the night. I had a great time and I know everyone else did too; now time to go back to my books *cris everytim*.


Photograph credits: Hao Bin, Kevin, Jade, Jonathan Lim, and Ravin.

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