Humans of Monash, the editors come bearing good news!

The first issue of Monga: THE ROAD NOT TAKEN is finally out!

We’ve decided on this theme because we realised that as students, we would come across several choices where important decisions have to be made. These choices could be as trifle as “should I have a Harry Potter movie marathon right now or should I finish this assignment first?” to “should I drop out of school to travel the world?”

Every option taken is an alternate forgone. Sometimes we might stop to wonder what if we had taken the other option, and that is when we realised that we should dedicate this issue to all our choices and those forgone.

So while everyone reflects on the choices they make, let’s all spare a thought for “The Road Not Taken.”

Go grab your copy of MONGA at several locations around campus (i.e. MUSA lounge, library, cafeteria and many more). If you can’t find one, drop by our office and we’ll be more than happy to hand you a copy (or two) FOR FREE!

Click here to download

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