Theme of the Month: Stereotypes


You should wear pink because you are a girl!”

“You are Asian, you should be good at math!”

“You are an IT student? Help me fix my computer!”

“Race X are so lazy and likes to scam!”

Stereotypes. An often offtensive (over)generalisation of people. Whether you have been previously misjudged, or would just like to share your stories or opinions against stereotypes, we want to hear from you.

Prize: RM50 Starbucks Card

Due: Week 5 Friday

We welcome all forms of creative work that fit the theme, such as essays, photos, drawings, poems, etc. The winner will get the prize of the month, and the work will be featured in the upcoming Monga magazine – Monga: You.


  1. Editor’s Office @ Monash Sports Center Level 2
  2. Email softcopy through

More information:

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