Theme of the Month – Stereotypes Winner

The first round of submissions for semester two for the Editors’ Monthly Submissions has come to an end. After receiving many submissions for this months theme, we have decided a winner!

Van Hong Tan has been chosen as the winner with this poem titled ‘This Poison of Ours’ which brilliantly depicted our theme – Stereotypes.

Should the birds fly
The fishes they swim?
Where they bid us goodbye
But hello on a whim.

The surface seems fine
Marbled to perfection
But beneath the line
Hidden’s the eruption.

You play dota?
You’ve got no life
Doesnt cook pasta?
Not a good wife.

They say I’m Asian,
You’re middle Eastern,
I should like differentiation,
And you caused 9/11

Where’s the justice
In this wretched view?
It disrupts the peace
The thinking’s askew.

Come on now,
Enough of this.
The question is how
To make it cease?

Respect and understand
No one’s odd or strange
Lest it gets out of hand
Let’s all make a change

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