MUSA Elections 2015: Prelude

It’s the time of the year again. The time when students who think they have what it takes to serve students, spearhead change, and uphold the welfare of students, in this 6000+ strong community, rise up to fight the darkness no seriously though, we mean, um, campaign in the annual student body election.


Let’s have a brief rundown:

  1. Election campaigning period is between 7th-18th September 2015.
  2. This year there are two teams, Continuum and Ignite. You’ll see them at the shaded area near the aquarium the shaded area between cafeteria and library, trying their best to win votes (and hearts).
  3. Debate sessions will be held from 9th-11th September 2015. Drop by to listen to what they have to say and what they have in store to make your student life better in year 2016!
  4. Polling period is between 14-18th September 2015, please exercise your right to vote during this period!
  5. Make your vote count.

List of candidates from both parties (click to enlarge):


Link to Election Guide PDF with their policy speeches: Click Here (Login using your Monash ID to view)

Students may drop by the Elections Committee office at Level 2, at Monash Sports Centre, for any further enquiries; or email

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