Lap Dances, Wet T-shirts and Pizzas: Engineering Buddy-Buddee Night Sem 2

Semester One 2017’s Engineering Buddy-Buddee Night will not be forgotten anytime soon, thanks to John’s impromptu lap dance, immortalised here in steamy fashion by my fellow writer Larissa. Semester Two’s BBN was definitely no slouch, a repeat of  everyone’s favourite male burlesque being just one of the highlights.

The traditional Library rooftop venue was unavailable, so the event was shifted to the badminton courts. The engineers missed having their usual spot on the roof, but the new location offered more possibilities. To those who pigeonhole Engineering students as “dry” all the time, Reps Terry and Jun Mann had an answer – water sports.

Lysandra (SOE BBN)-27.jpg
Our MCs for the night, no more Black 1 and 2 from last semester.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get back to the start of the evening. The MCs from the previous semester were not rehired, presumably as a result of the outrage from the Indian community at their self-racism. This time around, two fresh faces from Radio Monash, Lance and Mustaqim, ran the show. The hosts are not Engineering students themselves, and tried their best to come to grips with this strange world, marvelling at the sea of males in the hall. They made a few dank engineering jokes, too, which went over well.

Lysandra (SOE BBN)-10.jpg
Marry me John.

No BBN is complete without its “punishments,” and this one was no different. Soon, a student named Fahad had been dragged up front on some pretence or another, and sat down in a chair all by himself. Then, we heard some frantic swooning from the dozen or so girls in the crowd, as none other than John from our last BBN strutted up front. This time, the show was planned for, and John rehashed all his greatest moves from his previous lap dance, to the cooing of the SOE females. Even the male recipient, Fahad, was so entranced, that at one stage he grabbed a firm hold of John’s thighs, even before John’s shirt had come off. Oh, did I mention he took his shirt off again? He did. This time, silence fell on the crowd, as the guys averted their eyes and the girls took note of every detail of John’s hammerhead tattoo. Did I mention he has a hammerhead tattoo? I’ve heard he has viewing parties, so do track him down if you’re interested (kidding, please don’t stalk John).

KHOSYI - Buddy Buddy Night -122.jpg
I don’t think he needs his glasses.
[Terence] Engineering BBN (Sem 2) 10.jpg
Death surprisingly tastes like toothpaste, wasabi, mayonnaise and tabasco.

Moving on, we had some fun icebreakers involving jigsaw puzzles, blindfolds and animal noises. After that, the MCs moved around asking participants at random questions about their groupmates. Notable failures included Pei Dee, who didn’t know how long her own batchmate had been studying in Monash. Those who flunked were rounded up for another punishment – a taste test with Oreos. Catch being, the Oreos’ fillings had been replaced (generally with toothpaste and death). Thankfully, nobody puked.

[Terence] Engineering BBN (Sem 2) 22.jpg
He’s too happy.
Lysandra (SOE BBN)-40.jpg
Even Terry wasn’t spared.

After that, things really got wet (if John’s lap dance hadn’t done it for them already). Out on the field, the groups faced off in rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors, chucking cups of water at the losers. Three teams made it through the knockout rounds, leading to three-way games of Rock, Paper, Scissors, where everybody just splashed each other indiscriminately with no regard for the rules. Some students roamed the fields with water guns, attacking each other at random while the games continued. The last activity was too weird to explain in words, involving spinning in circles and dousing groupmates stretched out on the grass.

KHOSYI - Buddy Buddy Night -156
The real reason buddy buddee night is held.

With that done, the stars of the show finally appeared – 70 boxes of pizza. It’s important to note that attendance this semester was lower than expected – some might have been scared to get wet, and others snuck away early. Anyhow, there were few enough left that the quota of pizza boxes to students was roughly 1 to 1. Way too much pizza to eat in one go, you say? There was barely any left at the end, thanks to folks like “11 Pizza Guy,” who ate 11 slices, or one and a half boxes, all by himself.

KHOSYI - Buddy Buddy Night -165.jpg
As usual, a group photo.

With the pizzas consumed, the group photos were snapped, and the night quickly came to a close. With its lap dances, water guns and mountains of pizza, BBN Sem 2 was definitely a night to remember. Really, who says Engineering students don’t know how to have fun?

Article by Visvamba Nathan

Photos by Khosyi Musyaffa Muhammad, Terence Kong & Lysandra Sue 

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