Of Delicious Pizza, Embarassing Games and Awkward Dancing; The Engineers’ Cheeky Night In!

The 16th of March, 2017, on the library rooftop, Level 4, Monash University Malaysia.

The area outside the Multifaith Centre had been prepped with tables and chairs, all in anticipation of the Engineering Faculty’s much loved Buddy-Buddee Night.

For those of you who are still in the dark, Buddy-Buddee Night is a night for engineering students to come together for a night of fun and games, and FREE PIZZA! It is organized by the Engineering Representatives of MUSA, to allow juniors to meet seniors in their respective disciplines and harass them for their old reports have a good time getting to know each other.

At 5.45 p.m., amidst the last traces of rain, the registration booth was already filled with excited students clamoring to get their name tags and free wristbands and candy from the pretty ladies manning the booth.

Andrew BBN-009.jpg
FREE WRISTBANDS OMG – And did you know there are pretty girls in engineering?

Once registration was done, the students got acquainted with their respective groups and facilitators, at which point some groups began holding their own ice breakers. Students who hadn’t yet registered online could be seen trickling in, some overheard as saying “Eh this looks fun la, let’s join!”

At 6.40 p.m., Buddy-Buddee Night was officially kicked off by the emcees, Ian and Shaun. They addressed the 180 strong crowd of engineering students with a warm welcome and jokes, introducing themselves as Black 1 (B1) and Black 2 (B2), citing racism and an obsession with Banana’s in Pajamas as the reasons behind their nicknames. They then proceeded to let everyone know that free pizza would not be offered that night and that canteen food would be provided instead, at which point this reporter almost got up and left you could see the crushed looks on everyone’s faces. Fortunately, this was just a really, really bad joke.

Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940658.jpg
Black 1 and 2 at your service.

Ian and Shaun then proceeded to introduce the first game of the night, “The Blanket Game”. Milder than it sounds, the blanket game was just a simple ice-breaking game, where facilitators of each group held a blanket in between 2 members and when the blanket dropped, team members had to guess each other’s names. There was a lot of delightful screaming and yelling, and everyone looked to be having a great time. After about 20 minutes, everyone was asked to take their seats and Ian and Shaun proceeded to wade through the crowd, picking people out of each group and testing how well they knew their group members. In the end 3 unlucky students were called out for punishments, where Ian gave them the option to pick either a sweet, hot or dirty punishment. Naturally, the first candidate, Chong, picked Sweet, the second, Ryan, hot, and lucky last person John was left with dirty.

This game involved lots of pointing.

Sounding innocent enough, the ‘Sweet’ punishment required Chong to get down on one knee and propose to a girl picked out of the crowd by the emcees. As the crowd egged him on, Chong, red faced, finally got down on one knee *crowd screams, cameras are whipped out* and said “Uhm, I, uhm, my name is Chong.”, followed by a proposal that would have never worked. The “Hot” punishment required the eating of some very spicy tabasco sauce, which Ryan very bravely chugged. He walked off back to his seat like a hero, refusing water along the way as he wiped away tears. The third, and final punishment, “Dirty”, was a lap dance.

Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940437.jpg
There is NO way that would have worked.

Buddy-Buddee Night had just gotten way better.

One of the facilitators, Jun Mann, took her seat after which her boyfriend, a fellow facilitator, proceeded to give everyone an example of a lap dance, which was really just him thrusting his crotch hips repeatedly in her face. Good effort though. Next up was poor John. Or you’d *think* poor John. But this kid really brought it. He began by swaying and waving his body in front of her, caressing his own body all the while *dear God did I just write that*. After occasionally lifting his shirt, teasing her with his abs *why can’t I stop*, he finally decided to remove it altogether, at which point everyone screamed their heads off and cameras starting flashing non-stop. He didn’t stop there though. Not dear John. He got down and shoved his butt in her face, at which point the poor girl’s boyfriend felt compelled to run over and shield her from it.

It was great.

Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940451.jpg
More John pls more 😏

Recovering from all of that, Ian and Shaun swiftly took to their mikes again and calmed everyone down before briefing them on the next game, a team building one, called “The Marble Game”. This game required the teams to get a marble from one end of the venue to the other, while never being able touch the marble, or let the marble touch the floor. The next few games that ensued were also team building ones, such as “Twister” where only a certain number of body parts were allowed to touch the mat, but every member had to participate, and also “The Human Chair”, which needs no explanation:

Everyone was laughing and screaming, the atmosphere was great.

Leg day.

At 8.30 p.m., emcee Ian attempted his own rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” dedicated to the crowd, after which organizers brought in Engineering’s very own Samantha Tan, *Link to her YouTube channel below*, who sang acoustic versions of Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” and James Bay’s “Let It Go”.

Andrew BBN-028.jpg
Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymo-Oh wait that’s the wrong song.

After this, one last game, “The Selfie Game” was played where groups had to take selfies with 10 different people in themed poses, some being a 69 (one pair did a standing 69 that was quite impressive), 50 shades of Grey, mouth to mouth, etc. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this one.

Renee 16-03-2017 Buddy-buddee night engineering-12.jpg
Engineering makes one really desperate.
Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940608.jpg
More evidence to support the earlier caption!

Finally, each group got up to do their group cheer, after which everyone was *finally* rewarded with the free pizza.

Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940649.jpg
Andrew BBN-027.jpg
76 pizzas!

People then broke into groups according to their disciplines so that seniors and juniors could get acquainted.

At about 10 p.m., the event was concluded with a prize giving ceremony and a quick photo session, after which everyone parted ways happily. The look of exhaustion of everyone’s faces were in sharp contrast to the big smiles they left with, proving beyond all doubt that 2017’s Semester 1 Engineering Buddy-Buddee night was nothing short of a success.

Sam - Eng Buddy-Buddee Night-1940674.jpg
If you can see the camera, the camera can see you.

Checkout Samantha Tan here:


Words by Larissa Liau

Captions by Andrew Peter Lim

Photos by Samuel Goh, Renee Bong, Tristan Chan & Andrew Peter Lim

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