I can finally walk through the foyer again – C&S week is over!

Manila cards, scissors, push pins, pencils and erasers were all laid out on the table as groups of students discussed their set-up with some gesturing at the corkboard behind them. Some had already even started snipping on coloured papers and decorating their booths. In short, everyone was focused and working together to prepare for what was an exciting five-day event – the Clubs & Societies (C&S) Week!

Terence CNS Week (9th March) 12
Apparently if you see in black and white, you hear music better.

Yes, if you have not noticed (unless you entered the university from the gate beside the sports centre building, and didn’t pass through the library or the cafeteria), C&S Week was held for the whole of Week 2 at the foyer, and along Building 6. There were approximately 55 clubs and societies which offered different co-curricular life styles and genres to participate in. If you’re unsure on how to further enhance your university experience or what clubs you would like to register in, check out this article which we have previously uploaded on the list and summary of each clubs and societies.

Thanks to the Clubs & Societies Division of MUSA, Monash University Malaysia now has three new clubs: Congratulations to the Monash News Club, Monash First Aiders Bureau Society and the Monash Buddhist Society for being officiated in 2017! The C&S Division also hosted a friendly competition between the clubs and societies, where the booth that receives the most likes on Facebook will win the “C&S Best Booth Award”, an award that was won by the Monash Animanga Club, the Monash Performing Arts Club, and the Monash Christian Fellowship!

Renee 08-03-2017 CNS DAY3-10.jpg
Namo Amitabha.

The foyer was filled with music and there was a friendly and casual ambience to it as students strolled through the rows of booths, engaging with the members of each club during the 5-day event. There were also performances that were held daily between 11.00AM to 1.00PM by different clubs such as the Monash Dance Fusion Club, the Monash Street Dance Club, the Monash Music Club, the Monash Aikido Club and the Monash Chamber of Orchestra. Each performance functioned as a platform for the members of each of the mentioned clubs to showcase their hard work and talent while also promoting their club at the same time. Both the Dance Fusion Club and Street Dance Club had their dancers execute spectacular dance moves with passion, inspiring the crowd with the various dancing genres they had in store.

Chris C&S Day 2-8.jpg
Look ma! I can do a handstand!

The Monash Aikido Club had their own coach over as well to direct and to give a short briefing on the comprehensive throwing and joint-locking techniques. The coach emphasized heavily on the importance of Aikido as a self-defence martial art and demonstrated some of the self-defence techniques with his disciples. It was a breath-taking performance as the students displayed strict discipline.

Tiffany C&S Week Sem 1 Thurs (16).jpg
Playing dead.

Overall, the C&S week was a successful event, and credits to Radio Monash for emceeing and playing great music to get the mood pumped up during the event. The brilliant performances by the different clubs were also very fun to watch and good job to all the clubs and societies for working incredibly hard to make their booth stand out among the rest and for interacting with students in the effort to get them to join each of their respective clubs.

Words by Tiffany See

Captions by Andrew Peter Lim

Photos by Tiffany See, Renee Bong, Tish, Chris Oh and Terence Kong

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