Unlimited Power? August’s theme of the month winner!


Unlimited. Power.

What first comes to your mind when you hear that word? I bet it’s the power to rule the world. But what could you get out of it?

Travel the world? That’s a given.

Unlimited money? Sure, since you could just take them by force.

Fame? Well, you’d probably get a similar title to Supreme Leader.

But what else? What else could you get from ruling the world?

More friends? Maybe, however they might not be as genuine as the ones you have right now. There would be friends who stayed during your, “change”, and there would definitely be some who appear after. Some who want to have a taste of money, some for a taste of power, and very rarely those who just want to hang out.

And when you gain so-called friends, there will be enemies. The ones who had power before until you came around to rip it all away from them, and the ones who hunger for the same power you have. In the end, that makes you more likely to get assassinated somewhere along the line.

What other power could you think of?

Time travel.

Think of going back in time to undo your mistakes. To say the unspoken words that you regret for keeping it in, all for waiting for the right moment. Or even to take back the words you have spoken.

To influence the minds of the past to prevent wars and conflicts. To help evacuate people from terrorist attacks. Just imagine. You could’ve stopped World War 2 or the Civil War. You could’ve save the victims from 9/11. You would’ve been called a hero. A savior.

But why would you?

The past is the past, and that is how history is made. History is there to remind us of the mistakes so it won’t be repeated. Even if you stop the Holocaust from happening, someone somewhere, will do something similar. All because there wasn’t any past to base off on, and that one person, would do anything to be the first.

And the same implies even if you don’t intend to change something so international or drastically. Maybe you should’ve stood up for yourself when they were talking behind your back. Or that time you should’ve confessed and poured your heart out to that girl. Or even kept your mouth shut and hold your insults in the middle of the one argument that still haunts you until today. These mistakes and regrets that come one by one, are all part of life and makes you, a better and wiser you.

So what else? What power is it that is almighty?

What about, the power of creation.

Imagine that you could travel anywhere at anytime, all with that teleportation device you created. Skip the immigration and save up from accommodation. Walk the foreign lands, enjoy their scenery, peace and weather, without your passport and your worries.

What about money? Sure why not. You could save all that cash from just creating that Mazda MX-5 or that Urban Decay Makeup Palette you wanted anyway within a blink of an eye. If you ever need something, be it an outfit for your date night, a robot to clean your home, or a machine to cure cancer, anything and everything can be created without needing to know their physics behind.

You could do basically anything like your-Supreme-Leader-self, just with less enemies, less chances of being assassinated, more friends, and more enjoyment of life.

Except this time, you can call yourself God.


Article by Michael Lee

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